Logo ideas and/or creation

Logo ideas and/or creation


I did a quick google image search with “public domain” in the query and found this image:

Anyone good at making logos or have other ideas?


(Fragile is implied. Green is… similar to… Nothing )


I would use Fiverr or 99 designs to have a nice logo made.


I have a few ideas. I’ll photoshop some and see how they turn out. Keep an eye out.


Awesome quaters! Looking forward to seeing them


How about this?

Ideally, I would like to replace the I in the Fragile with a symbol of fragile (a wine glass with a crack)


It would be cool to find some way to pay homage to FW. A couple rough ideas…


Thanks to all of you expressing an interest in this. Logo creation is definitely outside of my skillset!

I appreciate everyone contributing in their own way to making this place happen.


Keep posting new ideas guys !


Funny, the logos that I have created are Red and Green. Guess we had the same idea to pay respect.


Not done but this was my working draft from yesterday. It paid homage to FW. I also worked on some “fragile” sticker over deal, but I’m not too crazy about them.

Let me know if I’m on the right track and if not I’ll correct course.


In the short term how about “fragile deal” in Arial font on a white background. In fact, I offer this masterpiece to the public domain free of copyright interest to help move things along.

Literally anything other than the stock Discourse logo so it’s clear what site I’m on would be a great start!


Here’s what I had linked to. It’s probably easier to see it right here. Please note that we can’t use it as is. The logo needs to be purchased or re-created in Photoshop.