McDonald's free 6pc nuggets when dodgers shut out-regional

McDonald's free 6pc nuggets when dodgers shut out-regional


Looks like they renewed this for this season.

Dodgers shut out the 6th inning yesterday so free nuggets with $1 min purchase.

Buy soda for $1.

Coupon in the app.

I’ll bump when I can.


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Bump. Dodgers shutout the Giants back to back so this is again a free Nugget day.


Free Nuggets today.


What geographic area?


the LA metro area. Other areas have local promotions with their baseball teams.

Oh, and a bump as today is a free nuggets day too.


Sunday will be another free nuggets day


Bump. Monday free nuggets


Bump free nuggets today


Tuesday will be a free nuggets day.

I’ve started ordering a plain McChicken, no bun ($1). It is a giant nugget that goes with the other 6 really well.


Bump free nuggets today


Thank you!!!


Bump. Free nuggets tomorrow ( Wednesday)


Bump. Again today


Bump Saturday


Bump. Tuesday


Bump. Today’s a free nuggets day


Bump. Sunday is a free nugget day


Bump. Monday too


Bump. Wednesday Free Nuggets.