Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)


I shouldn’t think you would have difficulty gaining NFCU entry on the basis causing you concern. I’ve not heard of such a thing.

But if you’re really uptight about this, hold off attempting to open an NFCU checking account until you have been a member (in good standing) for a while.

The above assumes, of course, your credit score is not totally in the toilet for whatever reason.


Received Navy Federal’s $5 offer earlier today, via email, to switch to eStatements. Decided to take the money.

Major trouble. Brick wall. Apparently another member (or whoever) had made multiple attempts to access my NavyFed account. Or maybe it was fraud. I dunno. They dunno. But I was locked out from the get go. Had not myself attempted to log in to my NavyFed account recently. No longer have much money there at all. I was only after the five bucks.

It took a LOT of time to put things right. Level of cooperation from the NavyFed reps was decent. But it still consumed way too much of my time. Very annoying.

It was possible to isolate the bogus access attempts from my own because, as I explained to the NavyFed rep, I never access my account with other than a desktop computer. All the failed account access attempts were initiated on handheld devices . . . quite a variety of those in fact.

I surely hope this is not the start of a trend. I have a great many other accounts, at other financial institutions, and I would not want to go through this again. BTW, insofar as the folks at NavyFed were able to determine, my account never actually was accessed or penetrated. And when I finally got in, after more than an hour of trying, I found nothing amiss. So in the end no damage other than this being a HUGE PITA.


That sounds like no fun, Shinobi!

Does anyone know if NF supports any multi-factor devices or options?


That is accurate. The lesson here:

NavyFed rep mentioned to me another member might have confused his or her username with my own because the usernames were similar. Of course when they put in their password no access to my account was granted. However:

The NavyFed system saw that failed access attempt as possible fraud and LOCKED my account without my knowing or even being involved in any way. Then, when I attempted long thereafter to gain access, I was unable to do so straightaway. And in fact there was major delay for me to gain access.

One takeaway, I suppose, is it’s wise to log into your various online accounts from time to time whether or not you actually have need at the moment. That way, if you someday have a pressing imperative to get in (for whatever reason) you’re less likely to encounter the kind of access trouble and delay I experienced.


Well, Argyll:

I agree with you to a point. I’m happy Navy Federal locked my account in the face of illicit login efforts by others. This was a good thing.

'Bout the only answer I would have is lockout notification. I wish Navy Federal had notified me, back when it happened, that my account had been locked. A simple email would suffice to this task. Instead they remained silent.

I do not like surprises. As a result of Navy Federal’s silence I was surprised and confused when I sought access to my account. Fortunately for me there was no urgency . . . this time. But next time could be different.


What is the current trend of 0%/$0 BT offers on their cards the last couple of years? I know back when I joined, around 2008, they were typically every April (give or take a month). I believe there was one January through February of 2018. Thoughts, speculation, anyone?


I called about this a few days ago. They generally do it at least once a year for some existing cards but there are no current offers.

You can get a new Platinum card, however, that has a 0% 12 month balance transfer offer.


The same thing just happened to me. Why didn’t you do a PSA? I saw $280 in my account doing nothing and tried to pull it out. As a result, Ally Bank froze my external link to NFCU. Now I’m on hold waiting for NFCU to find the right form to send to Ally to fix this mess. The NFCU rep said that federal regulations only allow ACH between checking accounts and not savings, which we all know is false. More like, it’s just their policy.
“Savings accounts are non-transaction accounts and cannot be debited for the payment of ACH debits/drafts”. It turns out they don’t even have a proper form to resolve this. What a waste of time! Oh btw, one-time I pushed money from Ally Savings to NFCU Savings to pay for my refi. Explain that.


Welcome to the club brother/sister. You are only the latest person to be caught up in this NFCU trap. There are countless other examples; including myself.

I have no answers. NFCU has been snagging members in this trap (it seems like) forever. Change is good. But I envision no change regarding this matter coming to NFCU any time soon!:cry:


I think the rep was looking in the fine print to prove that ACH is not allowed for savings accounts but couldn’t find anything. If you login to NFCU, it only allows you to add external checking accounts. I figured that was the reason my transfer was denied. So then I thought I’d just add my BoA checking account but the confirmation e-mail never arrived. I’d have to open a NFCU checking account to make online transfers work and I simply refuse. The external accounts tab shouldn’t even be there if they aren’t going to allow it.


Just wanted to add that NFCU is perfectly fine with ACH pulls from their “money market savings” account. With no fees and decent interest, it’s worth having anyway if you ever have balances at NFCU.


$2,500.00 minimum balance to earn dividends at 0.75%. 0.85% requires $50K+. No thank you.


Word on the street is that within the next ten days NFCU will unveil a new NFCU MasterCard having an across-the-board 1.5% reward.

Keep a weather eye.:wink:


They already have a 1.5% Visa. What’s the big deal?


He’s horny for MasterCard. /story


Actually, AFAIK, they have a 2% Visa. :wink:

I applied and snagged one only a few days ago. :grinning:

But MasterCards with a 1.5% across-the-board are not growing on trees either. So thought such news might be of interest to NFCU aficionados.


When did NFCU change their CashRewards from 1.5% to 2% ?


Dunno when. Ask Argyll. I was tipped off by his post here

Argyll’s trove of NFCU information

roughly a week ago. You will find no grass whatsoever growing between Argyll’s toes. He is on top of stuff. Totally! :wink:


The Flagship Rewards is a completely different product. It has an annual fee and AFAIK, cannot be redeemed for cashback.


Bolding above is mine, not Argyll’s. But Argyll is, of course, correct and I wanted to emphasize that portion of his post.

In addition, as for the $49 annual fee following the first year (which is without any fee at all);

See my link couple of posts up to Argyll’s original post. As Argyll points out there the current $500 bonus (yes, that is correct, a five hundred dollar tax-free BONUS!), used to pay the fee going forward, gives you a total of eleven fee-free years with a 2% across the board reward!!! How is that not a superb deal?!

And on a personal note, I’m unlikely even to be alive eleven years from now, so I took the deal and wore a watermelon smile all the way to the bank!!

Is NFCU great . . . or WHAT!!