New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Geez, a guy is away for a few (ahem) years, comes back and you bums have torpedoed FW !


I’m echo.lawrence, second generation FW member. VA -> CO
My dad was an active member since the beginning, but I’ve mostly been a lurker. Had to sign up here though because the FWF were always helpful and I want to keep them alive! Cheers!


Hello FWF! I’m new here, so allow myself to introduce…myself. I got into MS in January of 2013. I was googling cheap flights and came across a certain bowtie wearing blogger. I quickly realized cash > points, and points that can be turned into cash > vacations (for the most part), and the rest was history (or herstory, if you prefer).

Anyway, looking forward to it. Not to brag, but I’ve already earned a "Certified’ status, and a nifty certificate from discobot, so I’m doing pretty good for my first 5 minutes on the forum.


Welcome WhateverDude.


Hello FWF I mean FDM? What is the new acronym now? Anyways, I was the one that kept suggesting H&B, Crown Vics, and Pics on FW as a way of being financially set, and I still maintain that. Crown vics are getting tougher to find, so we may need to find a replacement. I’m babbling now, so I’ll stop but I’m excited to see some real value added posts here!


hi. im new here but not new to these forums. I was decade lurker at FWF spending most of my time over at FT.
nice to see the group alive and kicking. im always interested in good travel deals and tax info.
be well


Hi Everyone. I finally found where everyone went after the FW closing! I love the finance forum. I like demonstrating for my kids how to get everything they need without going broke and living a great life with little financial strain. My favorite quote is “A penny saved is a penny earned” and as someone on FW pointed out, its actually more than a penny saved because of taxes. I pickup money on the ground, no matter how small the denomination. I have requested an $.11 check from my states unclaimed property database. I always try to do something myself first before paying someone to do it for me. I have a 1 tool cabinet, 2 mechanics tool boxes, and a wealth of DIY parts that my family will hate me for after I die. I have been happily married for 20 years in 2018!


Welcome all and good to see the diversity of interest/skillset in FD.


Long time lurker, I miss the format. It seemed easier to navigate. But this site rocks also! Any site that does to promote financial literacy is great in my book! Keep up the good work.


Hi everyone. I didn’t know Fatwallet shutdown until a few weeks ago when I wanted to check out the Finance forum. I’ve learned a lot from people there. SUCKISSTAPLES is the man! I didn’t post because I didn’t have anything wise to contribute.


Welcome, watchinu!


long time lurker, finally found this place since FWF were closed. Given that I don’t really live in the US anymore, I only visit some old forums from time to time.


This forum’s been here over a year(!) now. Time flies


Welcome aboard!