New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


mojoshtudd here - same handle at FWF.
Joined FWF back in 2004 and immediately got hooked. I had inadvertently discovered AoR before joining FWF and was excited to read that thread and “hone my skills”. I owe much to FWF and hope to keep paying it forward here.


I’m using a new name here because my FW name made it easy to ID me. I didn’t post often there, but I plan to do so here.

I found FWF when researching the good rates at EmigrantDirect back in 2005 and I got hooked. I did a couple of AORs - one for $175,000 and another for $250,000, back in the day when we got 6% at FNBO Direct. I’ve dabbled in dollar coins, points, miles, churning, MSing, and some Hot Deals flipping.

FWF has always been a source of entertainment and a money maker. I hope I can contribute to make this site even better.


Hi. I joined FW in 2004, didn’t post much, but did start a thread in 2007 which got folks a free laptop and helped sell a bunch of antivirus software.


I AM PR0N! I was a holder of many badges of FW honor - my virtual dress blues were fully decked!


it’s me, the louis redfoot. was just a fatwallet lurker and an infrequent one at that. but discussion forums were a huge part of my life in the 2000’s and fw’s closing sparked my interest in forums again. i tried pwf, didn’t like it, so here i am.


Junooni here. Joined FW in 2005 after one of my friends suggested checking out hot deals forum for reselling ebay stuff. One day, I was just browsing FWF to see if there is something for a person like me, who is drowning under the mounting debt (it was around $25k+, mostly credit cards) and after reading the finance forum for few days, It changed my life. Long story short, here I am almost 10 yrs later, free of all debt, nice little nest egg, a homeowner and also own couple of nice real estate properties.
My primary focus was to pay off the credit card balance using the 0% BT offers and then make some money. I was able to do both simultaneously starting back in 2007 while borrowing almost $150K at 0% rate and investing them in 4-5% savings/checking accounts.
Now I mostly churn the cards for both miles/points and cashback.


Hello. I was a lurker on FW, mostly watching the Hot Deals and Travel Forums. I had just discovered the Finance forum before FW closed. First-time home owner and a parent as well. I’m looking forward to learning more about mortgages, personal finance, as well as an understanding of what previous posters have mentioned up above!


hey my name is johnadamthegreat :slight_smile: fatwallet gave that name to me. so i m continuing my name on this forum as well


Hello, I am ganda. I like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain


Hello Ganda, thank you for the rfm invite ~10 years ago!


Joined FW in 2001, mainly for HD initially, then discovered FWF. Hadn’t posted much during the past few years, but I sure learned a lot during the “early” days. Looking forward to seeing how this site grows. Thanks to the site founders for the new hangout spot.


Phils725 here. Long time FW’er. Sad that its gone. I wasn’t a huge contributor there (of course did when I could), but loved that community. I hope I will get to know and love you guys here (which probably wont be so hard to do since most are off of the same FatWallet boat!)


Hi, glxpass from FWF, now landing here. I hadn’t talked about this before, but I joined FWF in 2007 after inheriting some money from my late parents and realizing I had to become much more financially savvy to make the most of that opportunity. Thanks in large part to FWF, I think I’ve done OK. :slight_smile:

Ah, memories…

AOR, credit card bonuses, Reward Checking accounts (personal best was 7.01% APY), High-yield CD’s (anyone remember the 9+% APY one?), Citi CashReturns 5% cash back (my wife and I went through 5 or 6 cards each before Citi kicking us out; the forfeited $15K in pending cash back wasn’t bad at that point). :slight_smile:

Chase AARP, Citi ThankYou Preferred (thanks again, Citi!), BoA 6.25% Rewards Visa. US Mint Dollar Coins, $250K BoA HELOC, loadable prepaid cards, money orders for monetizing. Most of this was before “manufactured spending” became a buzzword.

The most fun part of this – who am I kidding, making money was the most fun part, LOL – was posting, giving advice, certainly taking it, getting into finance-type arguments and discussions with all sorts, making some virtual friends. I even met some IRL.

I’ve been pretty inactive for the last couple of years or so. Scripta was kind enough to let me know about the impending demise of FW, and now I’m here. Props to DaveHanson, SIS, and many others for starting and contributing to this new incarnation (reincarnation?) of FW! It’s inspiring.


Was a member for a while though a lurker at FW. Thanks to all for the work done here. Looking forward to learning more about finance from some seasoned contributors.


Hi all, I’m centrifuge41, same as on FWF. Thanks hosts for setting up the forum :slight_smile:

I enjoy hot deals (but less than before), grocery couponing (bringing home $60-80 worth of food from grocers such as Harris Teeter for <$5), miles and points/travel hacking/arbitrage, utilizing fuel points, and finding opportunities to generate big rewards/cashback.




Where’s the beef?


Wasn’t hard to find this new home. Thanks for all the efforts.
tekillah on FW since 2003

Started on hotdeals and found the hottest deal of all - FW Finance, soon enough. Been there ever since.


Glad you made it here. It sucked when you disappeared from FWF. Your insight into insurance was well appreciated.


So glad to see you here, Glxpass. Looking forward to fruitful/interesting financial exchanges in the future.