New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


UncaMikey at FWF since 2004, UncaMikey here. Came to FWF when Motley Fool started charging for participation.

Cranky old guy, successfully retired for 11 years, frequent traveler to Europe/S. America, financially secure because of cheap index funds.


Hi All: I lurked on FW from 2000 before I made an account in 2003. I used FW to live cheaply during grad school and now I’m a professor.

I’ve been mostly interested in slow churn on rewards cards without too much extra effort in manufactured spending, and in finding the best financial deals. I tend not too post much unless I feel I have something constructive to add (although I’m guilty of being the occasional wise-ass).

My faves from FW:

  • UHEAA student loan consolidation (currently at 0.625%)
  • MBNA 10% cash back cards
  • Bing Cashback churning
  • How to negotiate the best deal on a new car thread
  • PenFed car loans
  • Mortgage/HELOC threads
  • Real Estate investing thread (screen tenants by checking out their car)
  • Churning through rewards cards, best rewards cards (Citi Forward, BoA 4.375% card)
  • Mini App-O-Rama (Mostly for sign-up bonuses)


Hello, I’m bend3r, been around in Fw Finance with current username since 2010. I know I lurked there a couple years before and probably have a derelict account I forgot at some point…

I try to contribute when I can, I tend to really dig into details if I find something interesting. Related topics of most interest to myself has been costs/comparisons for mortgages/refis (though I don’t foresee needing a new one myself anytime soon), credit card signup bonuses and ongoing rewards/benefits, and discussing the errant fallen tree.

It’s great to see many of the fwf staples here.


Hello everybody,
I’m Harish from FW. I’m an avid, daily reader of FW Finance even though I posted rather infrequently.
It’s great to have this venue. Very happy to be here.


gwraigty here from FW, member there since 2011. I joined FW for the cashback and found much more value in the forums. Mainly a lurker there, only because I don’t chime in much unless I’ve got something new to say. I don’t want to add to just “noise”.

Full-time housewife and avid Runescape player. I’ve always been interested - no - fascinated - by the idea of being able to replace one’s income with passive income through investing.


Moved over from FWF. Started in Hot Deals in 2004, then moved to finance. Areas of interest include using CC bonuses to travel, lazy portfolios, and generally using finance to add to my life, not using my life to handle my finances.


Just moved over from FW where I was more of a lurker. I’d joined back in 2010, so a relative noob compared to the rest of you.

Going to be heading off on a 5 year, 50 state road trip in the new year, so I’ll probably be in the finance & travel forums here.


Hi i am a transplant from FWF as most seem to be. Had the same id over there. Joined 2003 and have been lurking and participating.

Finance is my hobby. So would love to continue with an excellent group of like minded folks.


Stubtify here. Joined FW back in 05 after lurking for a few years. Bounced around and didn’t really know anything about finance until FWF and FT sort of got me thinking/seeing some new approaches to $$$.

Love to travel, wish I didn’t have a day job or had one with unlimited time off. Still figure a way to get out of town 3-4 weeks a year.

So. Cal, with an emphesis on CB and airline miles and such. As I’ve steadily increased my warchest I’ve been able to go in bigger and bigger on some deals and such. Looking to keep that up and also very interested in Tax Deferred (or tax free) retirement accounts. Bought a home a few years ago so that’s the next frontier for me and the family.

Hope this is the new FW, have been in a serious funk since reading about FW closing down.


kateivan here. Participant in the FW Contests and Sweepstakes forum since May 2013. I and various other members of a local FW group are looking for a place to continue our discussions. I also plan to explore the existing categories (with the goal of establishing passive income).



I was Keebler over at Fatwallet for longer than I can remember and I see that my first post over there was in 2001.

Somewhere I even have a well-worn Fatwallet t-shirt. I wonder where it went…

The Hot Deals and Finance forums were always the best part about Fatwallet and I didn’t even use the cash back feature for the longest time. I gave up on Fatwallet around 2014 and had them delete my account out of frustration.

I ignored Fatwallet for a few years and then I started to peek at the forums recently. I’m glad I discovered the surprise news and I’m looking forward to being part of its reincarnation.


Hi All!

I was Ferro at FW, lurked for a few years, joined in 2006 and mostly lurked in the past decade. I learned much from all of you and hope that eventually I can do the same although the lack of WIFI limits activity. Best of luck on the site, so sorry SIS for the troubles you had. Missed your posts…


Chester here.
Joined FW in 2003 after lurking for a while. I contribute when I can and have always enjoyed scanning FW a few times a day. I bounce from Hot deals to Off Topic to Finance and I have learned a lot from the finance gurus.


GodelianKnot here and from FWF. Joined FWF in 2013 while getting involved in CC sign up deals. Mostly lurk these days, though enjoy the occasional comments about interesting financial situations.


Hi all,

I joined Fatwallet 6/6/2003, with the same slightly misspelled username. Lurked for about a year or so before that. I remember making some pocket change money doing online surverys, lol. In 2002, I was so excited to have $10-$20 a week from doing surveys so I didn’t have to just sit at home all the time. Times have changed. I was much more active on FWF in my earlier days and valued all of the excellent advice I received from SIS, DaveHanson, crazytree, Azurik, gocowboys, dcwilbur, Codename47, etc. I still apply the Chipolte test to this day.

Looking forward to the next chapter!


hi i am henryj1 from fat wallet , happy to join all of you here


Hi all. I am Moosy from FW, mainly interested in Finance related matters.


Howdy, Cashmonkey here. Been reading Fatwallet since 2005, posting once in a while (including an AOR). I’m interested in finance and super stoked that the stores of knowledge at FWF are getting preserved.


Been with FW since 2002 - bounced there after Anandtech. Like quaters, originally joined for Hot Deals, then stayed/lurked for FWF and a little bit of OT. Sad to see FW go, but nice to see some originals coming back!


Seity from FW. Made the move over here. I snagged a lot of good deals and spent a lot of time on the finance forum. I even managed to get in on the PenFed deals back in the day and learned all about making extra money with credit cards. Reading the forums allowed me to supplement my income and make my money go farther.