New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Hello everyone, I’m known as StatGren here, and another refugee from FW where I mostly lurked for many years. Near the end I found myself checking Hot Deals several times a day, and I’m sure I’ll become similarly obsessed here.

Background is a technical management profession, though recently retired. My interests are finding deals, credit card games (though they seem to have run their course for me), making solid financial decisions, etc.

I’m cheap. My own brother once told me that I threw nickels around like they were manhole covers.


ellory here. (Same name on FW). On the Finance forum, you may remember me from my 2009 thread on diminished value.

I am much better off financially than when I joined FW, partly due to FWF


Remember it quite well. After my initial ignorance, I took advantage of it twice. Once personally ($800) and once for an Uncle with a newer Lexus ($3,950). Welcome and thank you.


Yet another same user-named transplant from FW. Hopefully I’ll do more contributing than lurking, which as been my typical role.


Moved over from Fatwallet. Been there since 2003.


Mikk1 checking in, FW since 2003.

Since so many of us have been around for so long, it might be an idea to set up a section for retirement topics - I know my thinking continues to steadily shift in that direction.

Thanks for your effort in getting this going, the important thing is keeping our collective knowledge and experience together.


Another one from FW, been there since 2002. 15 years went by fast!


Howdee, ya’ll - FW member(garystad) since '05. number of posts dwarfed by so many others, but always an advocate to whomever I met. Am at the onset of researching refinancing my home mortgage, so hoping I can save as many useful threads as I can before they shut’r down.


I’m Eduardo Yat-sen, and was a happy member of the fatwallet hot deals forum for the last ~10 years. Hope this new site works out!


I also came from FW. I had been there since 2003 but lurked way before that. I used to contribute(argue) much more before I got older, mellowed out, had kids, built a house, built a business, sold a business, and trying to start a new business. Damn a lot happened in 14 years… I just hope Mikef stays away. Don’t say his name 3 times please.


Hello, Jellybne here from FW. Joined in 2012 for Sacramento BeeBuzz as a frugal form of recreation. Movies, ballgame and event tickets. And since I retired even more so. Looking forward to this new adventure.


Hello everyone I’m Dave formerly 04ronin on Fw was there from 06/04 mostly lurking and taking advantage of the good advice available there.


76hhma, from FWF/OT. Looking forward to interesting and profitable information exchanges. Thanks.


Wow, great start. Same name from FWF, which I joined in 2007? The next 4 years were hockey stick and led to my avatar choice (referencing my MS related earnings in 2012). Know, respect and admire many of you. Learned from the crazies, too (Hattip: crazytree, delay, tripleB, and the rest).

I’m still a private equity investor and love deals. Happy to be here.


Sharpie130 from FW but was kloakndaggers for a while…was on FW for 15+ years


Redbeard25 staking my claim at one of the FW-forward sites. Y’all let me know where everyone lands. :joy::joy::joy:


Hi, I’m prikindel.
I was the one who started The official “Free Money for Test-Driving Cars” thread in 2005. That was twelve an a half years ago. OMG :blush:


Hey folks, novocane here. I joined FW in 1999. Found and shared a lot of great deals over the years. Hope we can create a forum of the same level of quality.


kranky here, was a FW member for 17 years but I only read (and posted rarely in) Finance. Just over 1K posts. Also a long time member of AnandTech. Thanks to FWF some years back for the info on AORs/0% BTs. Make a few grand with those. That was perfect for me since I’m pretty busy and don’t have enough time to do the more time-consuming projects. And thanks to the FWers for setting up a new home.


zzz here - so what makes this site better than the other one - phatwalletforums - checking them both out - not sure where home is yet…