New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Another refugee from FW. Same username there. Lurked for a few years and joined in 2009. I mostly read FWF but occasionally took advantage of hot deals (and maybe posted a few).

I missed all of the t-shirts apparently that everyone was discussing on the FW going down threads!

Interested in personal finance. I would second the suggestion for a retirement section or sub-forum.

Glad to see a lot of familiar names!


FWF member since 2005. Never posted much as I’m not as smart as many of the others. This is a new user name because with a little digging you could figure out my real life identity from my FWF handle. I was never comfortable with that but too lazy to do anything about it.


FWF member since 2001. I know that I had found fatwallet before with all of the casino bonuses, I can’t remember what it was called back then.

I started in hot deals, and then found Finance, mostly lurking with few inputs. It’s great seeing all of the old school handles.

Using the same username as FW.


FWF Member since 2007. Switched over to here to follow the finance section.


same as monkeyingaround on FWF. Lurker mostly but will contribute now that’s a new platform.

Interested in real estate (MFH) and travel deals


jamesfatwallet from fatwallet.

since 2007. lurking years before that. still can’t believe FW is shutting down.


Hi all, myhotrs on FW. Was never too active there but visited daily. Just checked and holy crap, been on FW since 2005! Probably made as much $ on the internet while at work as I did AT work!!

Just FIRED five months ago. Mostly I’m into CB, miles/points, churning.

Looking forward to good things here.


Hi All,

Another FW refugee checking in. Member from 2005, joined for HotDeals and later discovered FWF. I want to thank you all for fascinating reads over the years and for sharing your knowledge. I am amazed at the collective wisdom of this group.

My interests are in real estate, travel hacking/points churning and setting up multiple income streams. I like the idea of retirement sub-forum.


Hello all. Thanks for the invite for FWF. I’ve lived all over east of the Mississippi from north to south and in between. I’m a practicing plumber who preachers whenever given the opportunity, currently and primarily at our local Federal prison.

I am excited to join in the new site. I was a member of FW for about 10 years. I’m sure I’ll be asking finance suggestions and reading for input.

Thanks again.


Same user from FW. Started around '07. I dabbled all over FW (Hot Deals, freebies, travel, a tiny little but of OT), but mostly paid attention to FWF.


gato from FW checking in here!
I somehow signed up over there in 2003 when I was a student and was curious about cashback deals, coupons, etc. Then I found all the other forums, especially Finance. An eye-opener for me! Posted little, but I’ll try to change that :slight_smile:


Corndogg from FWF joining in. Was a member of FW since 2007.
It’s awesome to see the new forum with the old names and the revival of awesome topic content. Since joining FW I’ve learned a ton about finance and continue learning more every day. My particular interest is earning extra $ from bank account signup bonuses and credit cards. I love travel hacking and taking nearly free vacations!


drmcdono from FWF (since 2010) now dirty_dawg. initilally joined for great deals and rebates. always looking for something!


Shandril from FWF. Soccer mom from central OH.

I lurked (ok leeched info) for a couple of years on FWF before finally signing up in January 2005 and been a nuisance ever since ;).

I was very new to a lot of those financial issues - my work is in chemistry - but got better at some of those, especially legal tax shelters (IRAs, 401k, college savings, FSAs, HSAs), tax and insurance issues. Also I have an interest in royalties/patents issues. And anything dealing with educating my kids to not make the same early mistakes I made.

Of course, I don’t mind a money making scheme or credit card deal or two…


I am one of the Quiet Ones. FWF since Jan 2003.


Hello again.

I was a financial dumbass until I read the AOR thread and the Interest Rate Arbitrage info at FWF in 2011. Thanks for keeping the dream alive!


Hi… I’m KayK… and I make a lot of financial sense.


Hello RageHot here,
Big FW fan since 2005, hope this forum carries the same sense of community and plenty of sound advice and humor.
Mostly interested in Finance forum and I am a sucker for hot deals as well.
I have a first baby on the way so I am anticipating some major life changes coming up soon.
Thank you for creating this forum.
No HDMI!!!


dAtAb3aN here, I was a mostly non-posting member/lurker of FW since 2006. Will probably be the same here, but maybe I will step out of my shell a bit and contribute.


Surfcaster at fw. Didnt find the site until 4 years ago. Wish it would have been sooner! Interested in credit cards, real estate and good deals.