Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts


Now that fw is effectively dead, I find that I am getting waaaaaaaay too much work done. This has got to stop.


I know, right? They don’t pay me enough to work.


still not working


I hate ebate / Runtakan.

hey, where’s the peeve thread?


Day two, still no sight of land.


what’s that retailer with all the cheap cables and what not?


Sad to see the community splitting.




I’m such a klutz.


Thanks that’s it.


If you just buy a single cable, you are better off on ebay where shipping is usually free.


I have been so drained from this nice weather. It seems we’re doing so much in these last days/weeks before fall/winter really hit. 80 degrees in NYS in mid-October. Crazy.


will the market self correct soon?


I got some crazy neighbors. Someone is warning about con-trails.


We’ve been in a dry spell and are finally getting some rain. I don’t like the gloom, but it’s good for the garden.


Speaking of neighbors…Last week a single Sheriff Dept SUV showed up on a Fri night, a well dressed neighbor walked out to meet him and walked the sheriff back to their unit while making small talk. I asked my direct neighbor if he knew about it, he looked me cold in the eyes and said “They could be looking for North Korea sympathizers.”


GOT my order in for the iPhone X