Rolling $2 large papa John's pizza codes

Rolling $2 large papa John's pizza codes


We’re rolling codes, which means you get a code and use it for a large 1 topping pizza and add 1 topping. When you get your code you come back here and give it to the next person.

YOU MUST PAY WITH VISA CHECKOUT and add a topping or papa size it

Also you can’t have done the visa checkout deal before.

If anyone is interested post here. The next day you’ll get a code for a free pizza and can post here for the next interested person.

Free Papa John's Large 2-Topping Pizza *Today Only*

I’m interested in using it. Thanks @Stubtify


Paging @TeslaModel3


Sorry gave away code this past Sunday.


Alright. I sent Orthros a code anyway, I need to stop eating Pizza! :wink:


yeah pizza is killer! right up there with soda, pasta, and rice


Ok, I’m done with the code.

Should I have a new one or does this one just get reused?


They’re single use, you’ll get a new one in your email around 10am tomorrow morning.


Ok, I just received my code. Who’s next?


I will take it if it’s still available. Thanks!


I would love to participate as well - please let me know how to get a code and I can in turn PM the next person


@ave, you have a private message with the code. Pass it along to @NoVA when you’re done please. Enjoy!


I won’t need the code until weekend. If you want you can have the code and then pass it on to me when you receive the new code. Remember to use a new email when you order and pay $2 with VCO. Thanks!


I have finished using the code and received the new code. Who should I send it?


Do you have any more FREE puzza codes? I could really use one! Thank you so much in advance!