Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions

Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions


He’s saying that he’s worried he will be shut down because his scheme for cashback is from non-organic spending.

He is now talking about whether it is worth it to put some organic spending on the cards to throw off the computers than are looking at his activity. He’s not using multiple cards to buy gas in order to rack up rewards.


I didn’t know about that. Many thanks for posting. Appreciate it.

Makes me a tad bit more hopeful. The folks who wrote the search algorithms for those computers might not have run across my hustle prior. Sure hope not. Nevertheless, still could become ensnared in some sort of alternative, non scheme specific, trap.


What do you mean you didn’t know about that? I thought that was your whole point in doing the organic transactions.

I mean, it’s not like they would ever throw off a real person looking at your activity.


Well, first, you have to understand I really don’t know what I’m doing. :grinning:

Sure I guess after reflection, given the volume of transactions, the initial screen must by necessity be done by a computer. So I suppose if one is able to slip through that screen one is “off to the races”.

Really, I do not know and I have no way to know. It is possible what I’m doing might pass some level of human scrutiny. My activity, to a degree, is self-masking.


Really? Thanks for letting me know.

What’s the delete option for? Is there a “retract” button? My fingers frequently speed past my brain, especially as the hour gets late.

And thank you @Shinobi for the abridged version of Volume 1. :smile:


There’s no retract, but (spoiler alert) there is edit, and quick sequential edits aren’t always saved in the edit history.

As it says in the comment that temporarily replaces a deleted post, it gets really deleted after 24 hours.


Thanks. My brain no longer thinks along those lines. :expressionless:


Google has records on all of Shinobi’s purchases


Screw Google. Ever heard of DuckDuckGo?


Google purchased "a trove of credit card transaction data from Mastercard, allegedly for “millions of dollars.” " The two companies reportedly discussed sharing ad revenue.

Using another search engine won’t stop Google from seeing your purchase records, but it might avoid targeted ads they create using your data.

One also might be wondering where else Mastercard is selling data.


I can’t believe they’re paying for it. Just go to a particular landfill in St. Louis. Get all the data you want.





HSBC MasterCard launched last Monday and can report today it is a GO! The card works and it is profitable. You never know how this stuff will turn out until after you actually do it. So am happy camper.

As between Discover (just one card) and MasterCard (five cards) that is a total of six cards now actively earning me some nice dough. Only a fool would complain at this point, and I will not. But if I had a concern it would be my failing ability to locate new, profitable, MasterCard (or Discover) credit. Guess I need to lower my standards. :grinning:


In the interest of full disclosure, the above comments are solely for the sake of this thread . . . which is devoted to Discover cards and MasterCards.

I have other cards operating as well, in pursuit of profit, in a similar hustle. However, those other cards are all Visa cards and are not on topic here.


And finally, for any AMEX platform aficionados out there (you people know who you are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), I have in the vicinity of $34k of worthless AMEX credit not earning me a stinkin’ dime!!! Not one of my counterparties wants anything whatsoever to do with AMEX credit. You show up with any card on the AMEX platform and they tell you to get lost!


In my never ending quest to locate attractive MasterCard credit, I ran across this new Chase card which might (or might not) be of interest to certain credit card rats whose credit scores are sufficiently high to support chasing of bonuses rather than rewards (as I do). While there is an annual fee of $89, the bonus here is $1000 following just a $3000 spend in three months.

Link to Chase IHG card


Apologies for the above post which appears full of prunes . . . sort of.

It’s not $1000. It is instead 100,000 points.

And I’m unable to find a way to cash in those points for dollars . . . only for a lot (admittedly a wide variety) of merchandise. The entire deal is a scam. Reminds me of some of the Barclays deals, where if you redeem your points for cash the value of each point is halved. Bunch of crap. Show me the money!!


Couple of reports here, data points if you prefer, most all good, one bad. First the good:

HSBC is really working out great. They just paid me a $150 bonus, receipt of which I was not anticipating for three months! This on top of a $75 reward, first of many I’m sure. I wrote up thread of my dislike for HSBC, based on events from some years back. They clearly are working hard to change my mind, and they are having more than just a little success. :grinning:

OK, now the bad:

In the wake of ALL my praise up thread, Citizens Bank is driving me looney tunes . . . nuts!! I pay them via ACH and they place my payments on extended holds (six to seven business days), locking up tightly my Citizens Bank credit line. The payments are admittedly large, many thousands, but they are equally good. I have no history of making bad, or late, payments with Citizens Bank or anywhere else. Moreover:

No other CC issuer with whom I’m dealing, not MasterCard folks or Visa folks, and not Discover either, pulls this “hold” stunt. And the payments are just as large if not LARGER!! Citizens Bank clearly is carrying things to extremes.

Full disclosure: I do not yet have sufficient history with HSBC to know how quickly they will allow ACH payments to restore my credit line. But for everyone else it is immediate restoration . . . except for Citizens Bank.

I mean, it’s not as if I were sending Citizens Bank paper checks by snail mail. But from the way they react, you might think so.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s been about a month since I reported progress. Things continue to go along very well and I’m making good money. Thought it might be time to comment on the seven cards, six MasterCards and my Discover Miles card, I have in the rotation. All cards are maxed out, or more, each month. These are solely my impressions and I acknowledge your experiences could be much different. But here is how I’m seeing the cards, from best to worst:

Best cards (tie): PayPal Mastercard and Discover Miles

Both cards are exceptional. Quick acknowledgment of payments. Instant crediting of payments back to my credit line. Discover even gave me a credit line increase without a hard pull. Customer service at Discover is best of all my cards.

Good card: Citi DoubleCash MasterCard

My only complaint here is their obsession with security. I never know if a charge will go through first time, even if it is a repeat of a payee they have seen prior. But otherwise a good card and am happy I have it. But for Citi’s security obsession, this card would rate as exceptional. However no other card issuer, including even my Visa cards and Amex cards, has the security fixation Citi displays. They are over the top!

Middle of the pack: Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard and Bank of America Cash Rewards World MasterCard

Both solid performers, but at only (for me) a 1% reward. Nevertheless, payment crediting is quick and credit line restoration is quick. I’m grateful to have both cards.

On the rise: Citizen’s Bank Cash Back Plus World MasterCard

This card drove me crazy until very recently because the bank placed my payments on extended holds of circa one week!!! It was nuts! However, things are looking up. My most recent payment to them (it was LARGE) received immediate crediting with instant restoration of my credit line. So maybe this bank finally realizes I’m not a deadbeat. There are very positive aspects to this card, e.g., the 1.8% reward, so I’m glad I have remained with them and maybe, just maybe, it’s going to be a great experience going forward.

Last place. Dead last would be more like it: HSBC Cash Rewards MasterCard

Horrid customer service. Payment crediting takes a week. But I’m not giving up. The 1.5% reward is nice and they pay rewards quickly in form of statement credits. They have paid all bonuses promptly. But no other card I own, including Visa cards and Amex cards, takes a week to acknowledge payments. You really have to be on your toes using this card. Will things become better? I dunno.

So there you have it, my menagerie of Discover and MasterCards, the good, the bad, and the ugly.:grinning:

Operating in concert with one another they provide the basis for a profitable little enterprise.


shinobi, I only have 3 cards… But I love the Citi DC card. Only had it for a few months but already got my 1st payout check. $500+. I want the cash in hand, & they mailed a check right away. I haven’t noticed obsession with security. They only gave me a $7000 limit & I keep a 10% utilization rate going. So I end up paying my balance right away, in order to keep the utilization rate low. Shortly I’m going to ask for an up on the $7000 limit.

I have an Alliant cc & don’t charge much on it. It’s a Visa card which I use at Costco.
I have a Discover card which I no longer use because it offers mileage. Didn’t know it was mileage instead of cash when I opened the card.


Why the focus on utilization in this way? Until a statement cuts, I didn’t think utilization really mattered?


Agreed. My utilization is oftentimes 100% . . . but when the statement cuts it is always 0%. What happens in between does not matter.