Separate travel section?

Separate travel section?


I think travel engineering / hacking might warrant its own section. I’d be happy to help kick-start it.



Yep, I think so. I believe most FWF people have some interest in this. Maybe that’s shortsighted, because I am a “FWF person” and have heavy interest in travel related topics.


Your wish is my command. I’ll make a separate Travel Category and see how it plays out and where might be the best place for it.


Thanks JT for weighing in, and Admin for accommodating!


Maybe separate classifieds section too?


[quote=“EugeneV, post:5, topic:38, full:true”]
Maybe separate classifieds section too? [/quote]

Absolutely. That will work better, and a thread will be unwieldy.


Maybe, I’m a Debbie downer.

I think the majority of people that migrated here are from FWF. I would concentrate first on building up our content on the Finance side. That is the niche that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

I’m already seeing that the hot deal folks are not here or posting. Let’s stick to our bread and butter at first. Flyertalk has the travel deal market pretty well cornered.


Happy to contribute here. But the travel section on the old site was mostly inactive or a bunch one and done amateur questions rather than substantive discussion of travel hacks.


What about Technology / Tech support?


I think that’s a great idea to have a technology and tech support forum