Tax software choice

Tax software choice


Sharing the ISO image is exactly what I’ve seen done in years past, and I think I’ve loaded a shared ISO at least once myself. I think there have also been folks who’ve identified the data file on the disc that determines exactly what deals are offered and shared that separately with notes on replacing it in your own ISO.

Your deluxe deal is obviously hard to beat, though I find links for $24.95 premium still available (and that’s what I used). If you care to share, this expired thread from a partly competing site shows how someone did it last year and the discussion around it:

Like I mentioned, I’m already set for this year, but maybe other posters here could let you know if there’s interest in your Deluxe offer.


I notice an offer of free Turbotax Premier from Fidelity when I log in. I am not sure when it appears but suspect only clients with large sums with them get it (I have million plus).

I probably will not bother since I bought the Block product near the end of 2017 to permit some tax planning.


[quote=“ProfessorEd, post:62, topic:2296, full:true”]
I notice an offer of free Turbotax Premier from Fidelity when I log in. I am not sure when it appears …[/quote]

It started 4 weeks ago.


Some choices for free filing if you make less than $66k: (H&R Block Premium) (IRS Free File Alliance)

Some include free state filing as well, and most have all schedules so it’s not just limited to 1040EZ or 1040A.


I got this offer last year, but didn’t get it this year despite having several large accounts with them and significantly more assets than last year. Who knows exactly what criteria they use.


Opted to get the H&R Block Fed only for $15 off Amazon. I just can’t stand Intuit any longer plus H&R got the 5% refund into Amazon GC deal.

I remember the K1 treatment was a bit flaky a few year ago but I hope they improved that a bit since more and more people have to deal with K1. I already used it import from 2016 TT and seems everything came over fine. Will update with my impression once I file.


I get 5% back via the Amazon Prime card, so the 5% refund doesn’t add any value for me any more. That said, not liking Intuit is reason enough to look elsewhere.


I tried to move from TT a few years ago when their licensing on TT Deluxe Excluded Schedule C. I was not happy with the other products. Let us know your experience and if you would recommend trying another like Block.


I used HRBlock the last 2 or 3 years since they had the 10% Amazon bonus. It worked fine.

The negatives versus TT:
Didn’t import as much data automatically. Had to manually enter my W-2s. Not a big deal.
Not quite as intuitive/easy as TT - also not that big a deal.

I ended up doing my taxes with both but only filing with HRBlock. They came up with the same results. I have relatively straightforward taxes - multiple W-2s, itemized deductions, homeowner, several 1099 INT/DIVs, AMT carryforward, investment loss carryforward, IRAs.

Bottom line - I slightly prefer TT as a product, but HRBlock did the job just fine with no major complaints for my situation. Including the 10% Amazon bonus it was a money maker for me. Now that incentive is gone (since I already have an Amazon 5% credit card), I went back to TT.


I’ve used HR and TaxAct in the past and TaxAct is now my go to software. I’ve used personal in the past for myself and now I use professional for my tax prep side hustle.


Did you see the price hike this year? I thought it was a mistake but it’s not. They now charge for state filing - more than they charge for Federal. I plan to file on my state’s web site instead. I will be looking for a new program next year… Arrgh! I really liked TA and had used them for ~7 years.


I fully agree. TaxAct is getting too expensive, They all are getting too expensive when there are other alternatives.
This year I started to use the free TurboTax which took hours (I’m sure TaxAct would have been faster) and in the end could not file due to TurboTax waiting for updated forms from the IRS. I decided to do my taxes by hand using what I had produced on TurboTax and a spreadsheet I found on Next year I will do my tax planning using the spreadsheet on and try the


Well, got my tax done now. The biggest potential issue for me is the import from 2016 TT and there are a few minor issues like HR think I had a business last year but I only had K1 partnership but it’s not that big a deal. I have fairly straight forward tax situation.

Didn’t end up with any refund and I have to write a check to uncle Sam, bummer. I may punch in the # into the 2018 tax spreadsheet someone posted to see what my situation will look like next year and if it be just simpler to pay off my mortgage if I can’t itemize anymore.


No, I hadn’t (because I use their professional software now, but I got a pretty big price hike for that too). Yeah, charging $37 for state efile is pretty pricey in addition to $30 or $45 you need for your federal return. They must have built up a pretty decent client base over the past few years if they can charge that now.


Damn I just realized we paid $10 for H&R Deluxe and only now I noticed the Fidelity free TurboTax Premier offer… grrr It’s not much but I hate wasting $10.

Oh well that forced me to put a calendar reminder next December not to buy tax software early and check fidelity summary page regularly early next year.


That’s the very definition of a FW’er.


While it is often cheaper as we get closer to the deadline, it is frequently on sale shortly after being released (before the new year).


Don’t feel badly. I paid nearly full price for TurboTax Premier in November and am now eligible for the Fidelity freebie.

That said, I spent some quality time playing what-if with it and made some tax moves in December based on the results. More than pays for it.


Couldn’t you have done that with the previous year’s version?


Possibly. There is the perception that tax laws are volatile enough that you’d need the 2017 version to do an accurate estimate for 2017. There’s truth to that, although this particular year, TurboTax didn’t include final tax law for 2017 until the middle of January 2018, since it wasn’t law until end of December.

I suppose if I knew that I could get Premier for free in late January, I would have held off.