Tax software choice

Tax software choice


It was just a case of not knowing the rules, in our case what benefits came with private client group membership which we had not had access to before 2017. I know Vanguard also had something similar but we did not qualify apparently. Going forward, I just wanted to ask our fidelity advisor next year if they’ll offer it again before jumping early on tax software deals.

Speaking of next year, with all the tax changes, I’m wondering if it will not be prudent to still buy it early to check for possible tax withholding shortfalls since the code is gonna change quite a bit for us and we won’t be able to use 2017 software to plan. It may be worth if that avoids you paying tax penalty.


You can load this now and start 2018 planning today.


Finally 50% off on Taxact, not as good as previous years though.
Plus : $14.97
Freelancer : $22.47
Premium : $29.97
State Additional $18.50


I’m in on this Best buy deal:

Using a GC to buy so net$7.50



The ISO trick is working again this year. $9.95 for Deluxe + State and e-file. Probably the best deal if you didn’t get into the Bestbuy sale I posted yesterday.

Details on the evil SD.


Not the same as it was last year (and in years prior) - state e-file costs $19.95, there is no free e-file for both fed and state anymore.


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