The GM costco event is back again this year

The GM costco event is back again this year


$300 for gold star members and $700 for executive members


I have no idea why any gold star member wouldn’t just cough up an extra $60 to upgrade to executive and thus get an extra $400 if they are planning to do this.


I know right!?
Even if there were no savings involved, I would not want to be a “gold star” anything. Gold star reminds me of kindergarden homework assignments or generic cheap 1980’s beatboxes when you could not afford the quality offered by Sanyo or Magnavox.

Anyway, there is more to the deal than just the cashcards. You get dealer pricing and I believe it stacks with other things, like dealer-specific incentives and BuyPower rewards, should you have any.

There is a fabulous thread on FW explaining the best process for buying a car FW style. In addition, this was a very popular topic last year on FW when the same costco/GM promotion was going on.


For anyone who is on the fence, I can say that the GM Supplier Pricing can give a significant discount. We bought a 2018 Chevy Equinox a few weeks ago and saved $1205.00 on top of the other incentives going on that day.

Here is a link where you can put in the info for the car(s) you’re considering and it’ll show you the supplier price plus available incentives: