Use a gas gift card to avoid the credit card price

Use a gas gift card to avoid the credit card price


I know all of you grizzled vets already know this, but for us noobs, this might come in handy. So for most gas stations, there are typically two different prices. One price is the cash/debit price and the other price is the credit card price. Usually, the CC price is about 10 cents more per gallon.

The workaround is to use a gas gift card for whatever gas station you’re at, as you will be charged the cash/debit price. And best of all, you can purchase the gift card using your rewards earning CC. Stack it with some fuel rewards for even further savings, as most grocery stores probably sell the gas gift card you need.


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This only works if the station programmed their computer system such that a GC gets the cash price. Some stations in my area quit giving cash price for GC, so I quit going to them.


Interesting and sounds like a good tip. But where I live there is only one price for gasoline, regardless how you pay.


the Arco around here used to accept only debit card and now switched to 2-tier pricing. At first, I get Cash price for using GC then the last time I filled with them I noticed I got charge the CC price.


side comment:

That depends on state laws. Some do / don’t allow different prices.