! WELCOME NEW USERS ! Ask your questions here! (flame-free)!

! WELCOME NEW USERS ! Ask your questions here! (flame-free)!


I am just wondering if i need to stack 2 years of property taxes into one calendar year. But my property tax is 11k. Max tax deduction is 10k. There is no point in trying to pay 2 years of property taxes in one calendar year.


You should have stacked it last year. And you should again in 2026, unless the SALT limit is made permanent.


My mortgage lender pays every year property taxes in Dec. There was no 2018 property tax statement to stack it in last year. As we are paying more than 10k property tax this year, there is no need to stacking with max 10k limit right?


When I say “you should have stacked it last year” I mean you should have paid 2016 and 2017 property tax bill in 2017 calendar year (2016 bill in January 2017 and 2017 bill in December 2017).



My wife keeps getting an offer from Citi to open another card. The odd thing is that it is a card she already has. Does anyone know if Citi allows you to have 2 of the same card? I would assume not…

It is attractive due to 21 month BT period.

Thanks for any input.


About 15 years ago I had opened two Dividend cards about a year apart. Usually people end up with more than one card by product conversion / discontinuation, that’s definitely allowed.

My threshold for new cards is a $500+ profit, which has long been in the form of a signup bonus. BTs will make sense again if/when the spread between BT fee and short term deposit rates is high enough. It’s not as easy to reallocate lines on Citi cards as it used to be, so you might not get as much BT as you think.


I am quite sure that Citi allows multiple of the same card to the same person.


Thanks for the replies guys!


Citi certainly will allow (and most all banks do) two of the same card. The main issue is getting signup bonuses (usually a wait period when you can qualify again - and when you have last opened or closed the same card or received the reward - depending on issuer rules) or if there is a maximum allowed number of cards with the issuer (amex/barclay). I don’t think BT signup bonuses have ever had these restrictions.


I got a weird email from Credit Karma “According to your TransUnion credit report, someone added you as an authorized user for their BK OF AMER credit card.”
There is a link to see the details of this new account “Confirm the Details” in the email.
But when I click on the link it takes me to my TU credit report and I don’t see any new accounts.
Can someone tell me what may be going on here and further course of action?


Don’t know but you probably shouldn’t click on any links in a “weird email”. Instead, open your browser and go directly to Credit Karma’s website.


I actually received the same email a couple days ago. Went to creditkarma website and didn’t see any new accounts or unexpected activity. Just deleted the email. Usually I would expect a notification within CK if a new account was added but there were none. Not entirely sure if being added as an authorized user would be indicated in the “new account” section. I just dismissed it. Seeing as you have also received the unexpected notification as well, this seems a little more ‘phishy’.