Will SIS make an appearance? Betting Pool

Will SIS make an appearance? Betting Pool


I think there’s a good chance he shows up . . .

(In case you’re wondering, I am not SIS).


Agreed, never gonna happpen.


How much was the bet ?? Lol

Hi guys , good to see some familiar faces . Any other Fatwallet or Anandtech old timers here ?


You didn’t give enough time for the pot to grow! You blew your chance for a fashionable entrance. But I won’t complaint too much–happy to have you here!


Ok, I’m here guys, dis site stank :wink:


Poster since 2004 so I guess that’s old. Glad to see that this is continuing. Bringing back some good memories.


Is the betting pool still open? You didn’t set an end event/end date in the official terms laid out in the OP. Rookie mistake. Therefore I bet that he WILL show up.

(I like making “sure thing” bets)




I always have $2 for the g-string.


One of my first deal purchases was a set of Logitech Z-560s from Dell(?). Anandtech must have had 100 threads on those speakers.


I lost count on how many Dells I bought back in the day. Those were the days when the FWEffect wasn’t so strong. Good to see some old familiar screen names.


nice to see a lot of familiar names here - not a big time poster, but still felt extremely sad about FW closing down…

this was me under a different name at FW:
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No chance SIS makes it over here. I’d bet 1,000 shares of Agape World stock he never shows up.


If he shows up, I’ve got the picture for him :).


Sad that so many people lost their money in that scam


Old timer. < (2005ish)


I remembered SiS today when I saw a license plate number: AGAPE13 while driving to work.