100k Delta Points - What To Do With Them?

I earned 100k Delta points about 8 years ago traveling for work when I lived in one part of the country that Delta was the main provider for. I haven’t flown Delta since, their flights are suboptimal for where I currently live, I am not planning any international travel for at least a few years, and I’ve been slowly watching my 100k points devalue over time.

Is there any transfer options for Delta points? The last time I investigated it, I wasn’t eligible and only Delta AMEX CC holders were eligible. Perhaps I’ll open a Delta AMEX card, do a little MS for the bonus, transfer my 100k points to “something” and then not worry about it.

I’ve considered selling the points through a broker since if I get caught and have my account closed, it’s not a big deal since I don’t use them anymore, but there’s a chance a new job in 10 years might have me using Delta and it would be bad if I had a lifetime ban from earning more points.

I’ve also considered burning Delta points for my next personal trip or two, but I prefer Southwest since I have status with them and it seems really simple to book reward points with Southwest compared to the other airliners. Also, my personal travel is always uncertain and SW lets me cancel flights at the last minute before take off and my reward points get refunded. I don’t think any of the other airliners are as generous. I also have so many Southwest points that I cashed out $2k worth of Amazon Gift Cards recently because by my estimates, I have enough SW points to travel for free for the next decade given my relatively small need for personal travel and I didn’t want to watch them devalue.


100K Delta points is worth $1000 if you’re lucky. Broker I would think would offer $750 ish, so I wouldn’t think it’s really worth getting banned. Your best value would be to use to book Delta flights during an occasional flash sale. Otherwise, if you’re really lucky, you might find a one way first class on Delta or a partner.

You can also donate Delta miles to charity.

The longer you hold them, the more devalued they’ll be.

Saver Biz class to Europe but you’d need to add another 25k or so miles.

I’m in the same boat, with a smaller amount that’s just been sitting there for years waiting to use optimally.


I believe if you are flying internationally that you will use up your points faster.

BBB, Delta is having a “sale” on biz class to Europe. 98k miles instead of the usual 140k. Fly it yourself or maybe an easy sale to a friend or relative for 1k.