$119 budget laptop @BB

budget laptop: Any better deals or bb cashback/gc deals?

memory upgrade?


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THats cheap but its going to be very underpowered. About 20% of reviews are 1 stars which is never a good sign.

Thats a 2 year old low end processor that a modern Celeron beats easy. The storage emmc isn’t good for performance and 64GB is limiting.

And according to comments its not upgradeable. I wouldn’t expect much at all from it. Personally I wouldn’t cheap out on something so weak. I got a very servicable laptop for ~300 not long ago on a deal that beats this thing like 5x performance. If I was so broke I can’t afford more
I’d look for a used laptop instead . If its for a kid for school I’d get a chromebook instead.

Not trying to threadcrap but if you’re looking for a good deal I’d look further.


It’s not a bad candidate for someone like me who needs occasional access to PC and only uses Mac, and who would otherwise buy and install a legit copy of windows via Boot Camp or VMware.


Store pick up only, and none available within 50 miles of me.

Yeah sold out online except open boxes at the same price.

I wonder if I can monetize The office 365 license somehow

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1 year license for 1 device is worth about $40. Or best used (for yourself) by redeeming 4 or 5 at once, then paying $10 to upgrade the whole term to the office home version.

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thanks. I get it for free thru work. So eBay or amazon it is that would make the price ~$80 more palatable …

If it really sucks there’s the Extended Holiday Return Period

For your holiday purchases between Oct 13 and Jan 2, returns and exchanges will be accepted through Jan 16.

Bringing this item back to a store is the quickest way to process a return or exchange. You can also mail returns with a pre-paid return label.

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