120GB Hyundai SSD for $14.99 at Walmart.com

Title says it all except for one thing:

This drive comes with a 5 year warranty.

Q: Shin, are you in?

You bet. Already snagged one. They also have a great price on the 240GB if you want a larger drive. Here is your link:

Link to 120GB Hyundai SSD at Walmart.com

Q: Shin, you got plans for this drive?

Yeah, I do. It is nearly the middle of 2019. Windows 7 turns into a pumpkin early in 2020. I’m thinking Linux for this drive . . . an independent platform to get it going, up, and running.

Linux, baby. Just for fun. :wink:


Oh, geez. I apologize. It now says “only 3 left” on the 120GB drives. That sucks. These things are probably selling VERY fast. Here is what I can offer. This is a link to the 240GB drive at $25.99. That is still a good value, a good price for a larger drive which also carries the same five year warranty:

Link to the companion 240GB Hyundai SSD


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Good price.

Note its a DRAM less drive so its not up to the performance of other SSDs but certainly a lot better than an HDD.

Agreed. The Kingston A400 I posted a while back also is without DRAM. Those drives carry only a three year warranty and their price went back up to $19.99 and remained there.

But this drive is selling out really fast. Was fortunate to get in when I did.

Deepest apologies to all. BOTH drives are now OOS!!

At price points like this, for a five year drive . . . well . . . you gotta expect such stuff sells out really quickly.

Both drives were OOS when I checked earlier. Now they are back in stock!

I do not know how Wally manages his stock. In, out, back in! Who can keep track? Best advice is to check links in the OP . . . . only way to know what is going on.

That’s just stupid. Few people are going to pursue warranty repairs/replacement over a $17 purchase. It’s basically a throw-away commodity, like USB thumb drives.

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It’s not stupid to my way of thinking. I have most often, in the past, purchased Intel drives because of their reputation for reliability . . and their five year warranty. These two things, in my view, are two sides of the same coin. They go hand in hand.

So I like any drive with a longer warranty because that characteristic betrays the manufacturer’s faith in the durability of their product. Also bear in mind:

While the 120GB Hyundai drive costs only $17, the same five year warranty attaches in equal measure to their larger, and therefore more expensive, drives of this type . . . . ones more likely perhaps to be returned if things turn sour. So there is jeopardy for Hyundai if they mess up and try to peddle poor quality.

There is one other aspect to this. Some SSD manufacturers goose sales with a longer warranty . . . . then turn around and fail to honor their warranty promise. The name “Samsung” comes to mind in this regard. And I have never bought a Samsung SSD precisely for that reason. So is Hyundai blowing smoke? I really dunno.

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Yes I exactly agree with that.

This is especially true for SSDs which have a known limited life. This is not something that you would expect to potentially last forever but is instead a product that will dependably wear out after a giving amount of usage.

I think its more like a warranty on a car tire. Tires, like SSDs, will wear out with use and we all know that. So do you want the car tires with the 40,000 mile warranty or the 60,000 mile warranty ? I mean I don’t think I’ve ever tried to get a warranty replacement on car tires nor do I expect to but I pick the 60k warranty every time all else equal.


I hadn’t heard this before. Is this a general allegation about Samsung or specific to SSD ?

I do see some reports on the web about problems with phone warranties it but not sure how widespread it really is.

Back when I ran into this it was limited to SSDs. It’s not anything recent, so perhaps by now Samsung has their act together. This was four to six years ago.

That said, I’m still not going to be buying any Samsung drives.

This has to be one of the wackiest deals ever. In stock, OOS, back in stock . . . nuts.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered a second drive, a 240GB one, to accompany my earlier 120GB drive. And by the way:

Wally does have the 480GB drive of this series available . . and they are on sale for 46 bucks. I think the 480 is the largest drive in this series (am not 100% certain).

Q: You got a link for that 480, shin?



Q: Still with that five year warranty?

Yup. Far as I know the entire Sapphire series comes with that five year warranty.

Both my drives arrived today, each as bare as a newborn baby’s bottom. Formatted 'em up. Neither drive is DOA. That’s about all I know this early. Did some writes to and reads from each drive.

So far so good. Am talking to drives through a USB 3.0 adapter. No problems at all. Am happy with both of my purchases.

Q: Shin, you gonna buy one of the 480’s now that the smaller drives have passed muster and seem OK?

I really have no need for a 480 GB SSD at this time, even with the five year warranty. So pass. I’m standing pat.



For anyone interested the two drives mentioned in the OP remain available at this time. Quite honestly, with prices of competing drives also having descended, the prices of these Hyundai drives are attractive but no longer astonishing. The most significant juice in this deal is the five year warranty on these drives. Competing drives most often offer only a three year warranty.

All that notwithstanding, I have bought a second 120G drive . . . just to have. I would not have bought it except for the long warranty. At this point there is, unfortunately, a good chance the warranty on my new drive will outlast me. :frowning_face:


Considering your pessimism, or realism as pessimists like to call it, have you made any arrangements to meet up with Harry Houdini so that you can continue posting from the beyond?

On a more positive note (hopefully), I’ve taken the dive into SSDs with two of the 120s. I can’t wait for my machine to boot as quickly and be as responsive as those in the movies.

To get that boot up speed you’ll have to sleep or hybernate instead of shutting down! :slight_smile:


I’m pretty good at both. :blush:


Wally is reprising their sale prices on these drives from earlier this year as part of their Black Friday promotion.

The links in the OP remain alive and still work to get you to the sales.

I bought several of these drives back in June, to include both 120G drives and a 240G drive. I am well satisfied with the quality. But of course if things go amiss . . . . these drives continue to carry a FIVE year warranty. :wink:

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Rakuten is offering the same drives at a price better than Wally’s price.

This five year drive at 240G for only $24 with FS is a good deal. You need a coupon code.

See deal here on SD:



Got a 240G. My first order with Rakuten. They got me for state sales tax. :unamused:

Still happy to have snagged a 240G at this price.


Bad news. All drives, except for the 120G, are now OOS at Rakuten. WalMart still has 'em but price is higher.

Was fortunate to grab that 240G when I did. If you wanted one of these hope you were successful obtaining it.

Still wonder if I should have bought a 480G. Dunno. Maybe next time . . . . at an even LOWER price . . (I hope)! :wink:

Not any longer. Live and learn. My first Rakuten purchase most likely will also be my last.

The drive just arrived. It is a legit drive in original Hyundai packaging. I’ve not tried it yet, but:

The drive was not shipped with adequate protection from shipping damage. Heck, a cheap bubble pak would have sufficed. Could Rakuten not at least have provided that? The drives I bought earlier from Wal Mart arrived in boxes!

This drive came all the way from California packed in little more than thick paper, with no protection from impact whatsoever. Am not pleased or satisfied.

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