$2 bills for the holidays/tips with a CC

Thinking of getting $2 bills for the holidays/tips. Can I use a CC Brings back memories of $ coins.


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Are you gonna pay a 50%+ premium and cut them yourself? :rofl:


I get $2 bills from our bank and have fun with them. I use them for tips and small purchases. The funny expression’s are worth the effort.


I didn’t know there was a premium. Cutting not a problem (have cutter from coupon days )

You didnt notice that a 32-note sheet of $2 bills costs over $100?

Hint - having a cutter doesnt matter, if you buy these uncut sheets it’s for the value of having an uncut sheet. The old dollar coin deal was an anomaly, you generally cannot buy currency of any type from the mint at anything close to face value. Even boxes of presidential dollar coins are now being sold at a 15% premium.

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ahh. I didn’t look too closely. The site reminds me of the US TBills site. Must be the same designer.

I miss the coin days. We killed the goose.