2018 Georgia Health Insurance

Hello to all evacuated Fatwalleters.

I’m an evacuee as well and read the posts in FWF and Hot Deals for years.

I need some health insurance ideas. In 2018 my county in GA will have two providers through the exchange Ambetter and Kaiser. Neither offers an individual PPO. I know I will have severe medical costs in 2018. I will be going to an inpatient hospital that is not in network with any provider. However, they will work with your insurance company. Out of pocket cash price: 30-90K depending on length of stay. Sorry for the all caps but to make sure this is read: I DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE IN TEH FACILITY NOR, A CHOICE IN LENGTH OF STAY. This is going to happen whether I have insurance or not. It’s a must.

Looking at Ambetter it seems they will not cover any out of network inpatient treatment for any of their plans.

Kaiser has a 20-30% coinsurance after deductible. Is that the best I can do?

Can I set up my own company of 1 to get a group ppo? Even a premium of 1k/month would be okay if it covered my hospital stay.

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You might look into companies like this that aggregate lots of people and offer the chance to buy into their group plan.


Are the plans in adjacent counties any different or better? For that amount of medical cost, it might be worth moving,

Thanks for the idea!

Nothing adjacent to me but, rural counties do still have access to Bluecross Blueshield POS. If that plan is any similar to 2017 then it will mean:

You pay $500.00 and 50% per admission after deductible
Out of pocket max: $4,250 (includes deductible)/ 12,750 non-network

If I’m understanding that correctly, assuming I get authorization then my cost would be $12750 for a 30-90k stay?

These places are very rural, I could find an apartment for less than $400/month and have “residency” there.

You better really live there. For 90k I suspect the insurer is going to check.

Don’t understand. If you must have this procedure but the hospital isn’t in network, and no other hospital in the state can do the procedure, what would your insurance tell you to do? Not have the procedure? Maybe contact the state insurance board and try to get it covered?

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Yea, there might be some type of medical necessity exception, if it truly is a necessity that the procedure be done at that facility.

Could you get a part-time job with health benefits? Starbucks?

Just thought I’d post an update.

I found a method of gaining insurance via[ Goco.io](http:// Goco.io). It’s an HR company for self-employed people. They allow the group of one, and you can sign up for the Cadillac of insurance plans, a PPO.

My monthly premium for 2017 is $550 with an out of pocket max of 12k. 2018 insurance plans aren’t released yet. I’ll check in November, and if it is not as good, then I will go to the facility this year instead of next.

Thank you all for your help.