$25 Amazon GC for $5.99 (Hulu and Swagbucks needed)

Swagbucks has an offer for new Hulu subscribers, $5.99 for the first month and earn 2300 Swagbucks.

The SB posted instantly for me, I used a new email and new CC and will cancel the Hulu in a few weeks.

2200 SB earn you a $25 Amazon GC. If you save up for 2500 you can paypal $25 to yourself.

I don’t have a direct link to the offer anymore, but it should show on your dashboard when you log into Swagbucks.com.


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There is also gamefly offer for new customers.
Sign up for $10 and get 2500 swagbucks (= atleast $25)

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New post for that?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Here it is
Moneymaker deal at Swagbucks : Spend $10 at gamefly and get $25(or $28 in various GC)

Thanks, I did it, got my gift card. I used a temp number from BoA to avoid having to cancel later, to make things even easier I just closed the number right after signing up. I hope the charges go through just to avoid swagbucks or hulu knocking down my door at a later date.

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Glad you got in.

Wording on swagbucks is that you can’t cancel Hulu less than 8 days after signing up.

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Now it’s 3000SB