$5 Amazon GC for entering 10 Coke product

I think the limit is two per Coke.com account.


I’m glad I didn’t throw the 12 pk codes given to me when I couldn’t trade them. Now I got two $5 amazon GC and hopefully they come up with other interesting GCs just by entering these codes. I still have 100 codes to enter.

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Finally something to do with all the Coke caps I’ve saved. Been using them on the sweepstakes that come by once in a while.

Are the codes from 12 packs worth the same amount as codes from 20 oz bottle caps?

yes and the codes from 12 pack flaps used to be worth 10 pts but now they’re equal to one point for this $5 Amazon gc offer.

How do you do convert Coke codes to gift cards? Details and link(s) please.

go to this link: https://us.coca-cola.com/mycokerewards/?mc_id=BR_MC_ENG_MISC_100266

sign up for an account or log in if you already have an account. on the menu, click rewards and scroll down to find the the $5 amazon eGC. Enter 10 coke codes and immediately after the 10th code, you’ll receive the instructions they’ll send via email on how to redeem the eGC on amazon.

Do the cards come immediately? I submitted 20 codes a few days ago and still nothing… Wondering if it’s my email server that’s acting up again.

Yeah mine came right away.

Mine came instantly soon as enter the 10th code. The next screen was instructions on how to redeem my $5GC with the link to amzn plus code.

I’ve read some people who used a gmail address did not get theirs (some used different emails with gmail dot trick and lost a lot of codes) and of course when they tried to enter their codes again, it came up as redeemed :frowning:

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Hi, I had the same problem. I called Coke Rewards at 1-800-520-2653 and told them I didn’t receive the digital code in my email. They send me a new link to the Amazon GC and suggested I check my email to see if I blocked them. I checked my blocked email addresses in Hotmail and lo and behold, I found the blocked address. It was cocacolabrands@emailusa.coca-cola.com I removed it from my blocked list and when I submitted 10 codes for my 2nd Amazon GC (there is a limit of 2) I got the digital code in my email right away. Give it a try, see if that solves your problem…Pete

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Good luck!

There is a limit of 2 cards.
You have until 12/21/17 to get the cards.
They will probably run out well before then!


So far I’ve gotten 6 “cards” and deposited them into 2 Amazon accounts. All you need are multiple Coca-Cola accounts.