$5 TurboTax At Fidelity for some customers 2022

It used to be free but this year they’re charging five bucks for the download edition. The online edition is still free.

Check your fido account to see if you qualify.

See this thread at the bogleheads


Edit. Apparently you have to be running the beta edition of their software to see it. There’s a toggle switch at the upper right corner of Main page.

Edit. It is very hard to find the download edition. It took me about five minutes and I do not remember exactly how I did it.

Edit. The download page. Click after you are logged in to intuit through the fido offer page


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Do you need to enroll in their Wealth Management Services program to qualify this year?

No one knows Fidelity’s algorithm. The thread I linked has hundreds of entries with speculation. For what it’s worth, I received the offer and I do not participate in their wealth management services.


Same here.

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Just a data point… Tonight Fido finally let me know that I can get TurboTax Premier for free. A little late for me as I went ahead and purchased it couple of weeks ago.

PS. I’m not a Wealth Management client, and made less than 10 stock trades in 2022. I did purchase lots of T-bills though.

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Chase and Citi have $10 rebate for any TurboTax purchase.


In December of last year you had to select the beta version of the Fidelity website to see the offer. Perhaps you have changed that recently or maybe they use the beta version for all access now?

I’ve been switching between Beta <–> no Beta every day since middle of December, to no avail. My guess is that Fido got a new batch of offers and extended it to their second tier kind of client. That was when my offer finally arrived. Sadly, late by couple weeks.

BTW, I went back into my download history and looked at my records. A year ago I received the offer in mid December; made lots of stock trades in 2021. Two years ago I received it in January. There might some criteria/score that combines accounts value, number of stock trades, number of other trades.

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The fidelity algorithm is a source of great fascination. It’s almost like a secret club with exclusive membership. LOL

It’s not like it’s a lot of money. I posted a link here to H&R Block for $22. I bought it for a relative and help her with it. It does everything that Ttax does and I would happily use it if I didn’t get the offer from Fidelity.

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I promise I’m not a shill as I say this every year… but I use FreeTaxUSA and it’s always been able to support my return at no cost.

Despite having sizable assets with Fidelity, I did not qualify for the TurboTax offer. To be honest, I think I’d stick with FreeTaxUSA anyway to avoid Intuit.