50 Kimberly-Clark N95 respirators - Made in USA - $58 with FS

50 Kimberly-Clark N95 respirators - Made in USA

These things are selling like hotcakes so sorry if you see this too late.

You get fifty respirators for fifty-eight bucks.

Seller is Amazon. Shipping is free.


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Saw this yesterday. Decided to waddle away.

Quack quack.



I think I’ll just hang tight on getting more masks. My son bought several of those 50 psc box face masks at the beginning & I still have 1/2 box. He gave me 2 boxes @100 latex gloves. I’ve hardly touched the gloves.

I’m thinking soon we won’t need all the garb. Still not showing much sign of vaccination going on in my territory… The newspaper reported the hospital ran out of vaccine & folks with appointments must wait

Thanks for the info shinobi.

Couple of things:

First, over and over on TV and here on the net I am seeing examples of double masking. This was also mentioned, I think, on our coronavirus thread. People are double masking out there.

Thing is, I’m a little concerned how compatible these duckbill masks will be with the double masking concept. Now you could argue that with a no BS N95 mask like this, made in the USA, one does not need to be concerned with annoying double masking, and I think you would have a strong argument. I’m only mentioning this because for those committed to double masking these duckbills could be a sub-optimum choice.

Second, these masks have gone OOS (big shock) however Amazon is continuing to take orders for shipment just after the SuperBowl. So you can still get 'em if you are willing to wait just a short while.

A WaPo contributor yesterday commented on masks. He likes the USA-made N95 masks most of all:

Everyone should wear an N95 mask

Here is a lift:

If you can find an N95, go for it. These are certified in the United States.

I think the reason for double-masking is only justified if you don’t have the right mask. And most people don’t have the right mask and can’t be bothered with the details, so the government and the media should encourage double-masking.

My understanding is that “the right mask” should filter out small particles and moisture, and not have an unfiltered breathing valve that allows particles and moisture either in or out. The “N95” designation by itself may be insufficient for surgery, for example, as there are both surgical and non-surgical N95. I believe the difference is a presence of a moisture barrier. Some of the earliest mentions of double-masking mentioned covering an N95 with a surgical mask.

These duckbills are not surgical N95, but they’re probably much better than what most people are wearing. If only they weren’t so ugly :laughing:.

That’s what I’ve done a few times. You could presumably re-use the n95 more

But these don’t seem like they’d work great under a cloth mask. Wrong shape.

This alone is probably better than two cloth / unknown material / non-medical grade masks.

Of course it is.

But quack?

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China made, but different form factor, were tested by CDC at 98% efficiency, shipped from Office Depot:


The n95s I ordered from Amazon showed up today. They are quite comfortable. Only negative is a slight chemical smell when you put them on.


They may not be good for people with larger faces. Read this thread: https://twitter.com/IDoTheThinking/status/1356816157303394306