75.00 cash back from AT&T Bank of America CC's

Just received an offer from Bank of America on my BOA Visa card. $75.00 cash back with two transactions of $15.00 or more. Any suggestions on what to spend $15.00 on? I do not use AT&T, I use Verizon.

Thank you.

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I purchased two Google Home Minis for $30 each. After taxes, that’s a $11-$12 money maker.

//shouldn’t this be in the deal section?

I buy charging cables. Can always use a few extra.


I 2nd the charging cables. Worked well and got net ~$43 in cash.

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Buy gift cards at a merchant you frequent, such as Target, Safeway, Lowes, etc.

Do they sell gift cards in store?

The stores I mentioned sell their own gift cards as well as other merchants in store.

I don’t think you are following what Greatness is talking about. He has to spend $15 (twice) on ATT.com or in an AT&T store, not a random retailer.


Seems one of the items I purchased is DOA (Google Home Mini). If I return it, will they claw back the credit? Credit was issued to my BOA savings account on Friday.

So no one knows?

I made $32 in payments to a relative’s bill at a kiosk. Got the $75 a few days ago.

I wouldn’t risk it. Maybe try to get google to send you a new one or go to an ATT store and do an exchange w/o return.