AAA offers fee free Visa gift cards Nov 24 - Dec 24 in store only

I got my American Automobile Association (AAA) magazine in the mail yesterday (Mid Atlantic) and they had a section on gift cards and it says $0 purchase fee for Visa gift cards bought Nov 24 to Dec 24 (normally $6.95). It lists a web site at the top of the page but I spent 5 minutes going through that page and couldn’t find anything about the Visa gift cards

I then googled and saw you can only get in store. I did another search and found this blog that says:

These Visa gift cards are from MetaBank with a PIN which can be loaded with $10 to $500. Call your local AAA location and check to see if the Visa fee-free promotion is available.

Sounds like the holy grail for MS so wanted to put a post here about it. It does not list any type of limit for purchasing these. I may have to start playing around with MS at this rate since I have AAA within 10 miles of my house :grin:


Does it say whether you gotta be a member to get it?

Would you mind sharing a copy of the ad?

Yes, of course you have to be a member:

This deal usually comes around twice a year and one should also be aware they are tracked to your name and they sometimes shut people down. So it’s not going to be the “Holy Grail for MS.”

They have apparently shut people down after buying as little as $1000-$2000 in gift cards.


Shut down meaning you can’t buy more, not shut down your AAA account or anything.

Yes. the post was about buying gift cards, and no longer being allowed to buy them after big purchases. In one case, a person was refused further purchases after buying a single $1000 gift card.

I missed that DoC post, thanks for sharing. I’m considering becoming a member just for this.

Doctor of Credit has made me (not saved me - MADE ME) more money in the past 6 months than I ever saved/made just browsing and using FWF. Anyone on here that is even remotely interested in credit card sign up bonuses and bank bonuses should make DoC their first stop. If you’ve never done a bank account sign up bonus, try one to get your feet wet. It’s not for everyone, but its WAY easier than manufactured spending.

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There’s a limit to how much you can make from bonus churning. I usually don’t bother with anything under $200, and there aren’t that many easy offers > $200.

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do you liquidate these cards in walmart or Post office?

Post Office shut down metabank cards a while ago. Recent reports are that they shut down the rest just a few days ago.