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Hello Everyone,

We are as sad as anyone to see our beloved FW Forums go belly up. So much knowledge, so many dollars saved! We’ve put together this refuge and plan to improve upon it in the coming weeks and months. For the time being, it’s important that we build a community and get as many of the “old gang” on board as possible. Without a critical mass, I fear we’ll go the same way of the FW Forums.

Please be patient as we improve the performance and content here. This software is new to us, but full of tools to help us along. We have some exciting things in store for the future. There are about 1,000 different setting to tweak and fill in yet.

In the meantime, welcome to FragileDeal, and thanks for stopping by.


P.S. If you’re having trouble using the site, please send me a message–it’s probably a setting I need to tweak.


After 36 hours of operation, we’re up 350 users. Thanks to everyone who’s joined up and engaging with the new forum. Please keep the feedback coming, and I’ll do my best to accommodate what I can.