ACA Income requirements

Can someone tell me what actually is included with the income requirements? Are dividends included or just salary?

Thank you

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There are only a handful of things not included really. SSI, workers comp, vet disability benefits

Modified AGI



Yepper. Otherwise we might see the Oracle of Omaha looking for ACA “benefits” :smile:

I read that for the MAGI, I can deduct the half of the self- employment taxes, half of the self-employment premium I pay and some self-employment expenses (insurance, etc.).

Am I reading that correctly?

MAGI is basically line 37 of your Form 1040 tax return. So anything above that on the tax return impacts MAGI.

The deduction for half of SE taxes is on line 27, so it applies to MAGI.

I don’t know what a self-employment premium is. Sounds like line 29, so it also applies to MAGI.

Any deductible business expenses would flow from Schedule C to line 12, so would also apply to MAGI.

Someone in their infinite wisdom decided to make significant changes to the forms, so the line numbers will be different for 2018.

In 2017, line 37 was AGI. I think that’s a good estimate for most people, but that isn’t MAGI for ACA purposes.