Acronym Wiki- please feel free to add or edit

In general, we probably should refrain from excessive use of acronyms, but just in case…

AA = Adverse Action (from a bank, card issuer, program administrator, store, etc).
DP = Data Point
DW / DH = Dear Wife / Dear Husband
ETA = Edited to Add
IB = Interactive Brokers or Investment Bank
OD / OM = Office Depot / OfficeMax
OP = Original Post or Poster (first post or its’ author)
SO = Significant Other
WM = Walmart

In travel, 2 digit airline iata code
AA = American
B6 = Jetblue
DL = Delta
UA = United
WN = Southwest

Let’s consider refraining from spelling out some acronyms such as the following:



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Some acronyms from the MS world are defined here:

MS acronyms

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DC = Dear :cat2:
DD = Dear :dog2:
DB = Discusbabe
DS = Dear :santa:

Not nearly as neat as the cuke’s but …

DJA = Dear Jackass

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