Air Fryer for Forty bucks with FS from BB

The original link here is OOS but check post #7 for a link to a similar unit.

They’re quite popular but there’s an embargo on new small kitchen appliances at my house.


I have a different one, and it works well. Not the same as deep frying, but close enough (and without the grease mess). And dont diss mechanical controls verses digital, that just means there’s less things to break.

Problem is, it’s only effective to cook for one, maybe two people. I can make a dozen chicken wings for myself, but a second batch takes another hour. So it’s not very family friendly.

Thus, I’ve ordered one of these so we’ll have two available. Looks like Walmart is selling the same model for $80; I dont need or even want the fancy digital controls, but $40 beats even their lowest price options. (Yes, Walmart and their liberal return policy is always used as my value baseline)

Thanks for the post!


ugh. i had it in my cart and was working on something and didn’t pull the trigger. now OOS

Bad totem

But BB has a couple of other similar air fryers for the same price. At least they did last time I looked. I didn’t realize how quickly these might be bought up. Should have posted a warning in the OP.

Is it just me, or is this one the same as the initial one? Only tangible difference seems to be the $79.99 verses $139.99 “list” price, even the model numbers are nearly the same.


Thanks. Pulled the trigger on that one, plus another $10 item, and used my $10 back on $50 discover paypal promo which was expiring today.

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How do these differ from using a small toaster oven with convection, or a regular convection oven? Thanks.

It shouldn’t take that long. I’d guess 20-25min at 350-390?

I think the only difference is they’re smaller and therefore faster / more efficient.


They essentially are just a small convection oven. The volume of heat being generated is smaller, so it’s more easily regulated(?). And I dont know if the circulating fan is stronger, or if the smaller volume makes it seem more efficient.

My results for things like fresh fries and chicken wings are definitely different in the air fryer than in the convection oven. Frankly, I’m not exactly sure why.


Oh, no. A good 45 minutes when completely thawed, over an hour when frozen. And that’s cranked up as high as she’ll go.

Compared to deep frying them, the wings arent floating individually in oil. In the air fryer they’re laying against each other, where air and heat doesnt get between them. Obviously they dont have ‘sides’ and it isnt a distinct “cook, flip, cook”, but to get a nice consistent crisp you need to essentially cook one side, then expose the hidden areas and cook it again. Only cooking 3 or 4 wings probably would cut the time to a half hour or less.

I’ve found that generally the air fryer takes about 3x the time as oil.

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I recently got the Cuisinart TOA-60 (was $140 at Target), which I think is closer to the top of the line for these things (DW had been talking about it for a few months so who am I to argue). Cooked drumsticks in about 25min, so I figured wings would be faster.


There’s a difference between cooked chicken, and properly crispy chicken wings. :slight_smile:

Have you tried air frying steak? It can make some pretty good subs and tacos.

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Not yet. I’m still experimentin’ with chicken! :slight_smile:

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The air fryer in the OP sold out. However:

Another very similar air fryer, with identical basket capacity, has become available for the same money. This deal, like the one in the OP, also offers free shipping:

Air fryer deal you still can get - For how much longer is anyone’s guess

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Hey look, shin got caught up! :wink:

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At my age it can take a while. :grinning:


I don’t have an Air Fryer. :worried:

Probably just another “state of the art” gadget that gets old quickly. Then your looking for a place to store it. Then it sits there & draws dust.

LOL I have the same embargo but wondering if the air fryer frenzy is not just basically the same as what you can do in your convection oven. At least that’s my reason for the embargo on air fryers in my house at the moment.

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