Airbag Settlement check - Takata

I thought of never seeing the day I would receive a settlement check for my old Honda Accord that needed the airbag replaced. I think I filed my claim in 2017! During the Fatwallet days!
Yesterday I received the letter, and I thought first that claim was denied, then they need more paperwork and then a check for $1. No sir, I was staring at my check for $212! It made my day and ready for some unexpected Thanksgiving shopping! I sold the car last year after having transmission problems.
Anybody else received a check?


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Congrats on the surprise payout. Had you replace your airbag, or had any expenses related to it?

I put in a claim, but I suspect the only payout for me is that they replaced the bag.

Yes, I did replace the airbag, after I received a bunch of recalls from Honda. Lost half a day going to the dealership for the job. Cross your fingers, you should be receiving a check in the mail, make sure you don’t discard it believing its junk mail! Good Luck.
PD: Anyone else receiving the airbag settlement checks?