Airline Credit Card Bonus Miles Questions

Question: If spouse applies for an airline credit card (Citi Bank American in this case) when they ask for the airline miles account number can she use my AA account number so earned and bonus miles go into my account where we have all our miles or will they reject that? I already got my card and got the bonus miles now I want her to get the card & miles as well.

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I think the names have to match, but I hadn’t tried it in a decade. You can always try it and claim it was a typo later if it doesn’t work.

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Airlines are notorious for requiring that the numbers match the name. You should look into whether the card allows for miles sharing/transfers.

Example: This isn’t the same situation obviously, but I had to sign up for a Chase Sapphire Preferred in my wife’s name so we could get our UR points to her Air France account. But I was able to transfer all of my UR points to her Sapphire account before the transfer to Air France, so that was a way around me not being able to transfer my points to her account.

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@meed18 Yea, I’m sure that’s what will happen. Can’t transfer miles from that CC. When we retired and moved south we had to switch from United to American for trips back up north so needed to start all over with airline miles. United didn’t fly from MCO to EWR without connecting through Hawaii or Guam. :smiley:

It’s sort of trivial to have them separate, unless you absolutely need the miles combined for a single award. Just keep doing cards until you have enough!

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I wish it were possible to keep all miles earned into a single account to make redemptions easier but I’ve never seen any airline allow it and for very good reasons. It serves two purposes for airlines: 1) it’s a minor revenue stream when people pay to transfer miles between accounts, 2) it allows more miles to expire without being redeemed.

It would also make it easy for employers to try to steal them, which defeats the purpose of the programs.

Surely the airlines can figure out how to enable spouses to transfer/comingle miles without opening up the floodgates for undesired use such as that (and selling/bartering).

and you may get your data stolen :slight_smile:
Although, I do love BA best to fly to Europe.

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Southwest companion pass is a common reason people might want them together. Easier to get 110k points mostly through signup bonus with 2 personal cards than 1 bus+1personal

I do have a relative who 4-5 years ago opened a chase card and their spouse opened one with the same RR number indicated and they are both attached to her account. It’s not supposed to work, though.

Miles from an EXP account are considerably more valuable than miles from no status accounts though.

I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but my recommendation is that if you’re going to try this with an airline AA is not the one you want to try it with.


What do you mean here? “EXP account” means “expense account” or something else?
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