Alliant Credit Union

Oh no, there’s no chance I’ll be proactively calling them. I can only hope the fee sticks, because them charging a $99 annual fee after they decided my account must be closed is otherwise known as “ammunition”.

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OK, so at the bottom line would it be fair, would it be correct, to state that you actually did receive warning albeit that warning was issued to you in the distant past?

And if that is fair, can you say did you modify your behavior in the wake of that old warning or just continue on regardless with what you were doing that they apparently did not like?

In this sense, I mean “advance warning” as in they’ll give you 30 days or so before closing the account. You wont wake up one morning to find it suddenly closed.

And yes, I assume most that have been kicked out did have some sort of quibble with them at some point in the past. Yes, I behaved post-warning, and believed the issue to be closed/resolved.

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Thank you. However, that is scary to learn. You went straight (from their standpoint) yet they kicked you out nevertheless. Sucks

Alliant Credit Union:

No forgiveness

No redemption

Within the past year 1) closed Alliant 2.5 CC 2) down to just savings at a pitiful rate. Use it open because the deposits from Alliant code as DD at my 3 Gobank accts to avoid the 8.95 fee Go Bank charges w/o DD. Only thing that is good there. I use Gobank to deposit those 200 VGC I get at Staples for no fee during the deals. Run about 3k in Alliant savings and shifted everything else to HM Bradley. Plus a deposit from Alliant to TD for a bonus did not work. had to use another bank that coded correctly.