Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union is an amazing institution that FWF readers have enjoyed for years. The original FWF had an active thread specific to Alliant CU. Let’s maintain the tradition.

Savings Rates:
Sep 2017: 1.11%
Oct 2017: 1.16%

Recent News: Alliant is getting out of the HSA business. All HSA account holders will be forced to transition to Alliant’s new parter over the coming months. Read about it on Alliant’s website here.


  • Don’t overdo it with ACH transfers. If you’re lucky you get a knock-it-off letter. Otherwise, you just get closed.
  • Alliant’s blacklist appears to be lifelong based on reports from others

Also keep in mind that it is fairly easy to join, you might not need to join something new. For example, they include PTA and Kaiser Permanente:
link to list of eligible associations

Very happy with them.

They ACH transfer in $100k and out $25K per day, with next day service (though they will close accounts they perceive to be used primarily as a financial “hub”).

Arguably the best combination of high interest and convenience available to most consumers.

Their credit card is a different story however, with long holds and payment processing time.

I had a terrible experience with their mortgage department, and had to go elsewhere in the middle of the process to get our purchase closed within the reasonable timeframe required in the sales contract.

Processing time is longer but I like that I have a 2% card where the rewards gets to go directly into a great savings account.

I’ve had zero problems with their credit card. It was super easy to upgrade from the sock drawered card to the 3% cashback card.

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Have really enjoyed my Alliant checking account – the website UI is terrific, simple and fast. Speedy ACHs, as well (albeit Ally and Discover are just as fast, these days)

The log-in is solid, email verify within 24 hours from a new device/browser.

Lone downside was a Chex pull during the initial app for all primary/joint account holders.

Anybody know, with the Alliant credit card:

How many reward dollars must one accumulate before being allowed to cash in?

I’m new to the Alliant credit card having moved over from Priceline to garner the extra 1%. Compared with Barclays, the Alliant experience so far has been pretty bare bones.

I have had an account with Alliant CU for many years.
Some of us remember when we could ACH transfer out $100K per day. Even though now we can only transfer out a max $25K a day, we still have the option to move money over to our Checking acct. We can send out checks for large amounts of over $100K.
I love the idea of l day transfer of funds. I do not have a credit card with Alliant.

I believe it is a $25 min.


Looks like rate for the savings account has been raised to 1.16%. Received an email today about it.


Sadly this doesn’t match Ally or Discover

I’ve cut down on the money I’ve kept at Alliant and this isn’t changing that but everything remains setup to bring my money back (accounts opened and linked) because I bet they’ll be rate leaders again.

Am I the only person who Alliant tried to kick out and cancel my accounts?
I expected to find some complaints in light of my personal experiences with Alliant.

Does Alliant have a 3% card? I only see the 2% one.

Thanks, I see, but the $59 annual fee after the first year kills it for me. Somewhat tempting, too bad they don’t have some fee waiver built in if having multiple accounts.

I won’t be keeping it after the first year. I just product changed a sock drawer card because why not?

Alliant Credit Union offers a 2.5% Cash Back credit card that has a $59 annual fee. The first year, as a bonus, the annual fee is waived and you get 3% back on all purchases.

You’re able to product change an existing legacy Alliant Card to the new card with no hard pull, if the existing credit limit line is >=$10k.

On the surface it sounds like a no-brainer, but I called into Alliant CSR who told me it’s not possible to to downgrade the card back to the no-fee version. This may not have been on people’s radars because almost all big-name cards have a cheaper version and you can easily downgrade (AMEX Blue Cash Preferred down to Blue Cash, Chase Ink Preferred down to Ink, etc).

My legacy Alliant CC is 10 years old and has been wholly unused during that time period. If I were to upgrade for the one year no-AF 3% bonus, then I would be forced to close the account after that year as downgrading is not possible, and I’d lose my old account that contributes to lengthened average account age.

It may be possible that Alliant changes this in the future and does let you downgrade, but as of now, it may not be possible per my CSR conversation.