Ally online banking problems?

I have successfully used Ally bank’s checking savings and online billpay service for a couple of years, including thru last Thursday. Forty-eight hours later, the logins failed (presumably) with the only result being the spinning hamster wheel. Multiple support calls have gotten a few different troubleshooting techniques, and then finally an admission that they were having problems with desktop logins only. Finally, a tech support trouble ticket was issued and I got a very prompt response. In very nice corporate speak, it said your SOL if you use Linux.

Is anyone else having problems logging into Ally?

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It works fine for me. I’m using Win 7 and the latest version of Firefox. 72.0.2

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Thanks. Do you use NoScript? If so, do you allow sources other than

If not, I suspect they’ve added another dozen Javascript sources that I don’t want to allow. I hate it because their billpay was fairly clean and quick.

I’m hoping Discover’s billpay is just as uncluttered as their savings account page. I just started opening a Discover checking account.
Thanks again.

I gave up on NoScript when I when went to a new version of Firefox that wouldn’t support it.

I always found it clumsy anyway. I am using AdBlock plus if that matters. It seems to keep things clean enough.

I don’t think scripts will run on this version of Firefox anyway.


Appreciate the info. I realize that limiting scripting is a slowly sinking ship. As well, the cartel is probably going to make it irrelevant as they tinker with HTML5.

Thanks again.