Amazon - Metabo/Hitachi Framing Nailer - $145 delivered

This is the best price I’ve seen by about 10% on a good framing nailer. I’ve used the Hitachi version for almost 10 years. I’ve built two sheds, a dog house, and re-built a deck. Not one seal failure, and jams are incredibly rare. Please keep in mind that I’m not a carpenter or home builder, so I don’t use this on a daily basis.

Metabo framing nailer

I’m sure ?someone? can find fault with this deal, but it’s not a conservative seller, nor do any conservatives, other than Amazon shareholders, make money off of it. At least, I don’t think Jeff is a conservative yet.

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Is this a callback to another thread on here? I haven’t been reading the polical threads lately.

Not a callback. I thought that by dropping out of the election thread, I’d see less politics, but …