Amazon prime delivery day

Is there any benefit to using an Amazon prime delivery day to the consumer besides less boxes? I don’t find much info on this in Amazon’s description. It seems like a benefit to them which is logical and a small benefit to the consumer concerned about the environmental impact of a delivery 4-5 days per week vs 1. Anything I am missing?

For example, does this go through a particular carrier? USPS is terrible in my area so it would be a benefit if this was UPS, Fedex or Amazon’s own delivery people.

Thanks for any info! Maybe this info will be helpful to others as well.

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I changed the subject, because “Prime Day” is not the same as the Prime delivery day.

I reached the same conclusion as you – no real benefit other than maybe knowing exactly when they’ll deliver. And that’s assuming that they actually deliver on that day, since they’re not good at delivering exactly when promised. My S&S orders usually come a week before the “Monthly Delivery Day.”

The best way to save money and the environment is to stop buying stuff, group your purchases into fewer orders, and to cancel Prime (blasphemy, I know).


Thanks @scripta! As usual, you are well-informed. I appreciate the reply.

The pandemic has helped us move away from Amazon somewhat. Many items would get cancelled or severely delayed and I would get them locally. I have adjusted my S&S down to the bare minimum because of that. I probably need to do a better job of comparing prices against local store options too. Many items could be just as easily purchased when I am already grocery shopping or shopping elsewhere.

Thanks for fixing the title!

If anyone uses this prime delivery day and has data points on shipping carrier used, I would love to hear them. Thanks again for any info

I’m waiting until they offer something besides a $5 credit. Make it worth my while and I’ll consider it.

If I were the management of a high rise apartment building and I had a mail room with someone working it, I would consider offering my tenants a discount for accepting an assigned day.

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You and I will both probably be waiting until they start surcharging for non-prime-delivery-day shipments.

OTOH, I only get prime once a year when they offer me a month for free, and I d/l a season of Bosch and Top Gear (or Grand whatever). :smile:

I’ve used it before when Amazon offers a digital credit.
The carrier is the same (for me it’s USPS). Nothing changes expect for the day the item arrives.