American Airlines Aviator Card 50,000 miles only $1.00 PURCHASE fee = $95/yr

Just flew AA and they were handing out apps on the plane… Barclay Mastercard

50,0000 miles after first purchase (and after $95 fee is paid)

Usual stuff:
First bag free
Preferred Boarding
No foreign transaction fees
25% off in-flight food and beverages
Get 10% of redeemed miles back every year (10K miles max)

Brochure says to use 6 digit code on app (hand written on the app). I didn’t use it and had no problem. I think it is to give credit to flight attendants because they want you to turn it in during the flight.

Edit: For some reason the app wouldn’t fill using Firefox. Had to switch to Chrome.


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This is not a special offer and does not require any special codes, as all the same terms are on the Barclays web page for this card. It’s also not the best ever offer – it used to be 60,000 miles after 1st purchase.

Barclays is expected to release a new card product (Arrival Premiere) in a week, so I wouldn’t waste an inquiry on an AA card just yet.

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Win some - lose some! :rofl:

Maybe not a “special” deal but not bad for 4 x US RT’s with no spend.

I got the 60k offer late last year. Super easy way to get some AA miles.

On FT there is some discussion of a way to churn AA credit cards by Citi still. Anyone know how to decipher their cryptic language?

Did you read the FAQ? Perhaps someone could help if you posted exactly what you can’t decipher.

FWIW The “new offer” is the same 50K miles but with the fee waived for the first year but a $2500 spend is required, The “original offer” that is in the OP is still available through end of may.

link to The “new offer” is the same 50K miles but with the fee waived?

Have you tried looking on or Consider that a hint. :smiley: