American Eagle's

Anyone else buy American Eagle first strike coins? I like to buy a few a year. The 2017’s WP’s are a bit pricey @ APMEX. Are there more aggressively priced sites I should also check? A bit weary about eBay and coins.

I bought the 25th anniversary sets a few year ago. I think I profited over 5k on those. They were nuts.

Otherwise, I just buy rolls.

IMO the whole “first strike” and other label variations is a really stupid gimmick. It is completely meaningless.

Although I have an almost full silver set (regular and proof, most 69s, a few 70s, a few boxed, missing the crazy priced 10th and 25th anniv.), I often think the whole thing is terribly silly. It’s not likely to be a good investment, so just a waste of time. And space.

eBay is fine if you go through one of the big firms like APMEX, MCM, Silvertowne, etc. In FWF I’ve talked about the number of coins that earn eBay bucks because they are placed in a category that earns eBay bucks. Although they are more expensive than the ones categorized in bullion, when a 8% or 10% Bucks deal happens and the price of the coins minus bucks is equal to or less than spot I’ll buy. I used to do this more when eBay gift cards were accepted in the coins and paper money section, and when PPMC existed and this was a way to properly liquidate Paypal balance. Since PPMC went away I’ve only done this once for a minimum spend.

Perhaps, but buying a few a year cannot hurt.