America's Best In State Credit Unions

Here is a link to Forbes’ list of the best in state credit unions:

Forbes lists best in state credit unions

After a scan I can claim membership in only seven of the many credit unions Forbes mentions. Others will, no doubt, be able to best that number.

Also of interest is presence on the list of two recently prominent credit unions from a deals standpoint:



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Thanks shinobi… Like you I also have several of these Credit Unions. Wish they would list some of their good CD deals… I’m still trying to get into the Keesler FCU. That 7-mo 5% CD sounds pretty good but I understand the special will end today. I’ll probably miss it!!

One does not always get everything right. I messed up on Keesler. Did not realize my error until perusing that Forbes list. I was quite surprised to find Keesler on the list. Too late now. Next time I need to dig deeper and earlier.

Ran across another similar article from Kiplinger’s:

I have been a member of Hanscom for a number of years. Found them through FWF! I highly recommend them.

P.S. Article follows annoying slide show format but it is only 4 pages.