Amex Offers Thread

Current Offers

  • Starbucks - Save 15% every time, up to $5

    • “Expires” : 2018/8/1
    • “Cards”: [“Everyday”]

    Get a one-time $15 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $50+ in one or more transactions online at by 7/31/2018

    • “Expires” : 7/31/2018
    • “Cards”: [“Everyday”, “Blue”]

Hey guys, Amex Offers have had some good stuff available recently. I thought I’d create a thread to keep track of offers. Each of these offers typically have a limited enrollment and will disappear after that so YMMV. Post here and I’ll try to update it semi-regularly. You should be able to edit the first post too, and I would just need to approve it in that case.

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For the 10% off cable offer, the max amount of discount is $30 per card so I prepaid my internet service for several months and put a note in my calendar when I’ll start paying again. I got this offer in 4 cards ~ BCE and OBC.


Any way to capture the value of the att offer without actually having an att bill or a trusted friend with one?`

These offers are starting to turn into real money, Especially if you stay in Hiltons.

Why is the OP formatted like that? Or is it designed to be machine-readable?

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Forum lacks real table support :unamused:

Not doing ascii tables after seeing that example.

Looks like the store doesn’t work, usually you get alerted within minutes of a qualifying purchase.

I’m in the process of doing this right now. It does not look promising as the charges appear to show as AT&T store and I have yet to receive an e-mail from Amex stating I triggered the offer.

[Expired] Crazy good Amex AT&T offer: Spend $150 Get $100 [highly targeted]

For the $200 AGC offer, don’t forget to use a portal. I used TCB plus free shipping code (check google for current codes) and still got my $3 CBs which are all payable now.


Added that I have the Amazon $99+ “Prime Membership” 5000 points offer on my Personal Platinum. Anyone know if this is actually tied to the prime membership purchase, or will any $99 purchase work?

Edit: Any $99 purchase did not work, neither did a gift prime subscription.

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I also have the $50+ Amazon offer, and noticed another 20% off when paying using a portion of MR points. Neat-o.

I don’t have any of these offers except the gift cards. Is it most likely due to the card type (Hilton Surpass) or due to the card being newer than the offers? (less than 2 weeks old now)

If I had to make a bet, I’d go with the latter. I think they add offers monthly so it’s probably a semi-manual process. Enrollment limit might play a part too, I’m sure at least a few of these offers are only available visible to me because they’ve been added to my card.

Thanks. Hoping to get some dual-use out of my $75 fee hilton card since Hilton Points keep getting more and more worthless. (At this point, it’s probably not even worth putting my actual Hilton spend on the card at 12x points. That’s generally only worth about 4-5% to me… and CSR already pays me 4.5% value on travel with much more flexible redemption. So the card’s mainly just for the open bonus and for the Gold status)

They basically removed almost all of the “category” cap point options and now if the hotel is at other than minimum capacity pricing it’s at best 0.5cent/pt compared to full price booking including taxes. But if I actually pay cash I can book 10-20% cheaper and earn around 40 Hilton points/$… so the Hilton point value usually drops below 0.4cent/pt, unless staying 5 nights. You even have to call in to book with points at many hotels, they blocked off online or in-app points bookings completely at the individual hotel’s discretion even though there is required to be no blackouts.

Sorry guys, I made a mistake. Purchasing the prime gift membership does not trigger the bonus. It did in fact post, and was a giant pain in the ass to cancel.


I wanted to test it, and can confirm that purchasing the gift prime membership triggers the AMEX offer. I had to start from not being logged in for it to actually add to my cart though. I set it to deliver in Jan the day of my renew date, and set the 3-day reminder to cancel. Also, I changed my renewal credit card to one that will expire.


Best buy $25 off $250 added.


Looks like offers for November were added on Amex’s site

JetBlue’s offer is probably the most valuable it’s at least 20% back in MR points.

Add in the Shake Shack offers and AMEX seems to be taking good care of the East coast this month. and FedEx Office offers look valuable too, too bad FedEx offers valid only on print services and not shipping.

I see several good offers seem to have only been on the Everyday card (not on my Blue Everyday card).

Would this justify applying for that card?

I suspect that he who got these may have been one who had not used an Amex for groceries or for Amazon.
generous phone offers appear to be received only by family members who had not used an Amex for such expenses, or had not received such offers before.

When the CITI Hilton’s become Amex Hiltons I will be at their 4 card limit, and was thinking of trying to get one more Amex before then.

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Why keep citi’s through transition and ruin your 1 lifetime amex bonus for the card? I got 100ks points plus a free night at first anniversary for opening a new surpass card.

Also since you had the citi Hilton, have you seen the new $450 ascend card?

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Good points.

In my case, I had once had a Hilton card, and canceled to get another Amex. Hence no more bonuses on the regular Hilton card.

I can use a Hilton Amex card, since I points points with them, travel less, and with a credit card can get a few more to keep the account active (which was the major use of my CITI card with a small charge now and then.

I have two CITI Hilton cards, so possibly I would end up with 2 AMEX Hilton cards (bigger total credit lines), but I suspect they will give me only one.

If there was a CITI card I wanted I might apply for it, and then try to transfer most of the line to it. ( understand the only time they do line transfers is when getting a new card), but I do not see any I want, but do not have, and would qualify to get a bonus on.

In my circumstances, no longer traveling much, the new Ascend card does not appear worth the price.

However, a possible strategy is to try to get it, using a 125,000 point offer through The Points Guy, see Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card review - The Points Guy
Reportedly, this converts to the Ascend card, which may be worthwhile, especially if you can use the Priority Pass lounge tickets.

I meant to refer to the aspire. $450 fee but $250 Hilton credit and $250 airline credit and you get diamond status. I’m not sure if the airline credit will have a useful use for me, though. Amex seems very picky on charges. (Haven’t had one before, just based on research.)