Analog Air Fryer in stainless with free shipping for forty bucks

They claim this is the Black Friday price. Decide that for yourself. In any event:

This is an interesting mix of high end (the stainless) and low end (the analog controls) where air fryers are concerned.

But a key element of this offering is the free shipping. You might think free shipping is a given in this realm. But it’s not. So you will see lower prices for air fryers but without the free shipping.

Here is the offering:

Insignia™ - 5-qt. Analog Air Fryer - Stainless Steel at Best Buy

Their claim this is a $100 air fryer is total BS in my opinion. The actual saving here is more likely ten or twenty dollars. But still this is a good air fryer and a good deal.

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I got an airfryer on a deal from best buy last year - pretty sure @shinobi posted it here. The only thing I don’t like about it is the touch controls. If I could do it again, I would get this one. I guarantee I would be much happier with the analog controls on this than the touch controls on the one I have. Unless you are going to step up to a higher end Cuisinart, the touch controls on the air fryers in this price range are garbage. An airfryer is not like a microwave in the sense that seconds count, so precise touch controls aren’t that necessary.

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I would not call them garbage. But I agree the touch controls are most often more trouble than they are worth.

I am considering purchase of this analog fryer, even though I really do not need the stainless. But fryers with free shipping do not get a LOT cheaper than this, and I use mine so much that having a backup at this price is certainly a consideration.

I don’t have enough experience with all of them. Maybe I got one that is just broken, but I often have to hit the “buttons” multiple times for anything to register. I wish they were actual physical buttons that could be pressed, not some weird touch sensitive thing that barely works.

Oh, I see. That’s different. Mine does not have that problem. I think it’s possible you got a bad unit.

I find the touch controls more trouble than they are worth. But I only have to press once to get action.

Pretty good price for a 5 quart unit.

I’d also prefer the analog controls vs the buttons on my cheapo unit. Mine defaults to cook time of 15 min and so anytime I want to toast something I have to push a button 12 times to get it down to 3 min. I’d rather turn a knob… or better yet leave the nob at 3 min and not have to keep setting it. OK its a whiny complaint but I will stand by my whining.


Since you’re stuck for the time being with the digital control panel, here is a suggestion:

If you’re seeing 15 and you actually want, say, 3.

Depress and hold the “minus” button for a short interval of time. The unit will auto-decrement down to 1 minute. Then you hit the “plus” button twice and you’re where you want to be.

I don’t own the fryer with analog controls, so I’m uncertain about this. However, I suspect you set the timer, let 'er rip, and the timer winds down to zero. If I’m right, you would need to re-set the timer to your desired cooking time for each subsequent use.

Thanks, yeah that works.

Anyone have a convection oven and an air fryer? If so, what differences do you see/experience in cooking the similar item in both? We have a larger Cusinart convection toaster oven that goes up to 500F, however, we haven’t attempted to ‘air fry’ anything.

The air fryer is more compact, thus has much more consistant heat and air circulation (the fan is blowing directly down on everything, as opposed to blowing from one side of a larger space), and requires no preheating. Otherwise, the biggest difference is the air fryer has a hard time getting hot air under what’s being cooked (requires shaking or flipping), while a larger oven should circulate the same air both above and beneath the food.

I tried “frying” chicken wings in a full sized convection oven, and the results were…different. In an air fryer, they arent the same as deep fried, but plenty close enough. But with some more tweeking/trial-and-error I think I could eventually get the same results in the oven.

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This deal is back at BB. To be honest I’m not sure it ever went away! :grin: