Anthropogenic Global Warming - Real or Imaginary?

This thread comes In response to a suggestion elsewhere by Shandril.

We all can agree earth climate is changing. But is that change driven in significant measure by anthropogenic factors? That is what is at issue here.

My own opinion is that anthropogenic causation of climate change is minimal.

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“My own opinion is that anthropogenic causation of climate change is minimal.”

Unfortunately, you are wrong.


I’m glad you’ve at least reached this point, but there are a bunch of (loud) people in this country that have not. Changing the talking points from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” made it more agreeable, but it’s actually the same thing, because the planet is getting warmer, not colder.

  1. What is the basis for this opinion?
  2. Have you looked at the scientific evidence, specifically (a) the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and (b) how historically CO2 levels correlate with global temperatures?
  3. The global average and record high temperatures are rising much faster in the past 20 years than ever before. What do you think is causing it if it’s not what 99% of scientists say?

[Anthropogenic Global Warming - Real or Imaginary?


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Happy to report i think this global warmin… climate change SCAM
is bull chip.

Seek not to prove yourself right. Seek to prove me right. Then and only then evaluate the evidence.

Ive done so … its all a political scam.


This already has gone viral, but for anyone living beneath a rock here is the pinnacle of climate change insanity:

What we see here is the Democrat Party base

Some argue this woman is a paid actor. Others think her insanity is real. What do you think?

Turns out it’s the Trump base. And you continue insinuating falsehoods under the guise of questioning.


I think you’re trolling us, because you didn’t respond to my questions above.

If the woman is a LaRouche follower, she is a Democrat. La Rouche is a Democrat.

Naaa. It’s only because there never will be a meeting of the minds between you and me . . . . so why waste my time?

While he supposedly was, it’s not clear what the heck the PAC is.

Hey, you were the one who started this thread and opened with a question. I genuinely want to know how your position was formed.

The opinions we form are created by our brains by what we perceive or believe to be truth, fact, and logical reasoning. Two people receiving the same facts and ideas can perceive them differently due to an already-created bias in the brain. To change one’s opinion fundamentally, or to even acquire understanding of how someone else came to the opposite conclusion is very difficult, because our brains aren’t that flexible. But not being open to it or not even trying to persuade someone else who is open to it, that’s part of what’s wrong with society today.

I asked those questions because I think those are the current scientific facts, so if you got something else or you think those facts support your position and not mine, then show me what you’ve got.