Any one here have Baron Funds?

Any one here use/recommend them?

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No, but I rarely invest in mutual funds. What are you looking for in terms of your investment?

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Those expense ratios are disguising. Companies like this (also Edward Jones, TransAmerica, etc) only exist because of suckers (or unfortunates who don’t have a choice because their employer chose one of these for the retirement plan). :face_vomiting:


To invest in the stock market, you don’t need anything beyond VTI and VXUS.
They are extremely liquid as they are exchange traded. Close to zero fees, and Vanguard keeps dropping fees. And pretty much every brokerage offers zero commissions nowadays.

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I hear ya about TransAmerica b.c my employer chose them for my 401K. Ridiculous fees and probably a kick back to them. They even scammed me out of my 600 bonus pay contribution during the transition to Fido.

How exactly are these guys disguising fees. According to Bloomberg they’ve beat index funds repeatedly.

Long term gains. (10+yrs) Set it and forget it. But someone else managing it. I realize no money manager beats the market long term but these guys come close?

Stock index ETFs would fit that bill for a low cost given you admit most managers don’t outperform. They’re cheap and they don’t try to outperform.

Long term gains.

No guarantees on the gains of course.

The expense ratio – 0.8-1.1% is disgusting. If you don’t want to do any work yourself, get a roboadvisor like Wealthfront or Betterment. They charge something like 0.25%. And for an after-tax account, wealthfront will do automatic tax loss harvesting which should more than pay for that fee (usually, and especially depending on your marginal tax rate).

Dunno. Probably depends on how you compare and what you compare it to. And whether expenses are included in those returns. And past returns are not indicative of future returns.

That sounds like something you should have pursued more vigorously. Unless it was your employer who paused the contribution, not TransAmerica literally took your money.

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I have their free shirts

how did you get? the conventions seem fun too…