Any online tax site that lets you just fill in 1040 forms to file with the IRS?

I already filled out the forms on paper so I just want to file them with the IRS. All the IRS recommended sites want you to start from the beginning. Too aggravating when you already have the numbers. And of course the IRS has no way to file, even though they have the actual forms online to fill out. I’ll go ahead and fill those out, print them, and mail to the IRS like always, but if there is a better way, I’d like to know.

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Exactly what you’re looking for.


Except why no form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization? That is pretty basic stuff.

I would think that using tax software is better than that. Saves time over filling out the forms “by hand”, especially if you have lots of forms to fill out. You can then print out and mail.

I just find it easier to have all the paper forms that I can flip through on my desk than trying to manipulate around them on a computer screen.

I hate tax software. I just want to put numbers where they belong on a form.


You can still do that in tax software. Plus it prefills all the info from the previous year, including any carry-over items.

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Like scripta said, most tax software have two modes. Interview mode which has you answer questions and fills the forms for you, or Forms mode where you can just fill the forms as you would on paper.

Other advantage of tax software over some fillable forms is that regardless of mode of entry, they’ll check your numbers to make sure things add up before filling. That’s part of the reason they have lower error rate for returns submitted than the ones filled by hand, and also lower audit rates.

That’s fine but if they don’t have the forms you use, they are worthless. And I wasn’t about to register on a half dozen other sites to find one that does have the form I need. Finished filling out the forms from the IRS sight. Printed out 2 paper copies as well as downloaded the pdf’s for a backup. Will mail on Tuesday.

I’d be surprised if Turbotax or H&R Block don’t have the forms you’re looking for. Did you look at their home & business version or whatever their most comprehensive version is called? Some forms won’t be available in the online free to file versions but otherwise, whether it’s rental income, royalties, or business income, I’ve never had an issue with missing forms for either of them.

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The Intuit site in the first link didn’t have it. Maybe next year I’ll check again.

Well here we go again. I’m on the IRS free form website but they don’t even have form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization.

It’s next year. Go here… :slight_smile:

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Just signed up but I see no option to go to the forms and fill them out.

You can play around with last year’s version. Current year software usually becomes available in the first week of November (in my experience).

It is great software and can likely do what you want. ie “just use form input”

I’m doing last year which is due Monday.

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Their support is excellent if you dont find what you need.

I may be misunderstanding, but here is the fill-in form from the IRS website.