Anyone use US Mobile? Prepaid cell reseller

They seem to have really cheap rates for lowish usage. Would be perfect for a tablet or other non phone device. They seem to be 3g/4g on GSM and LTE on either Verizon or Sprint, whichever one is CDMA. No intl roaming tho,

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I don’t know why these providers even offer larger amounts of data at ludicrously high prices. There can’t actually be people paying them for the larger data buckets?

It’s $79+taxes for a single line of their unlimited plan. And metro is $50 for 1, 80 for 2, 100 for 4 lines. With over double the depri bucket.

Does seem like pretty low rates for the 100min/100mb/100text, for single line anyways at $9-$10. But usmobile’s prices say they’re excluding taxes. If they’re really only $1 taxes is not bad but if they have $5 “taxes” not as good.

We’re paying around this on Tmobile itself but only with a large multiline plan, not a single line plan (those are $$$$$). We’re paying around an average price of $12.44 per line all-in for <2GB One Plus, or $18.67 for >2GB One Plus.

Edit: We don’t actually need all the lines we have currently though (2 mostly unused), so our effective per line costs are a little higher.

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Gonna bump this nearly 5 year old thread.

I just ported over to these guys in the last few weeks because they’re a Verizon reseller and we’ve been having issues with T-Mobile at home. The value is amazing, particularly on their pooled data plans. My wife and I use anywhere between 2.5 and 5GB of data a month total. The cost is $9.48 per line, tax inclusive for unlimited talk and text, and then $2 tax inclusive per gigabyte. That also includes prioritized access to Verizon’s 5G towers - it’s the same priority as VZ postpaid and it also includes mmwave access.

The speed and reliability over the last few weeks has been light years ahead of T-Mobile, which has gone to pot around here since the Sprint acquisition. It’s also a good 20-30 bucks cheaper a month, depending on whether we qualified for the T-Mo “kickback” discount.

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That’s a shame. I’ve had the exact opposite experience. I was with Sprint since 2005. There has been a dead spot in my neighborhood ever since I moved here in 2009. After the Sprint->T-Mobile merger was complete and I got a T-Mo sim, my reception has noticeably improved and that dead spot is gone. I have 5G in more areas where I live/work than 4G.

I am Seattle based and I think that’s part of it. T-Mobile’s HQ is here and they are a very popular carrier - almost everyone I know has them or one of their MVNOs. Similarly AT&T also has a fairly large presence here east of Seattle. I do not have the numbers, but I would be surprised if Verizon isn’t #2 or #3 in market share here when you total up all devices connected to each network.

I’m also in a suburban/rural area, and whatever tower we’d pick up outside our house was just poor. Pages wouldn’t load, operations would time out, etc even with 2 bars of coverage. When I trialed US Mobile, everything just loaded instantly. I was happy to switch out the less reliable, more expensive service with the cheaper Verizon MVNO.

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