Anyone using Transferwise's Borderless account?

I have a need to transfer money to Europe on a regular basis. Does anyone have an opinion on Transferwise’s Borderless account as opposed to just using their transfer service (or another option)? It seems like it might be convenient to have the money in their account since I will be making regular transfers. I don’t think this will save me any money but it might be more convenient.

I found this for their fees: Hi, how can we help? | Wise Help Centre

Thanks for any input!

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This is the response wiki post. You can edit this out for your response.

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How much are you needing to transfer?

How frequently?

Transfers are fairly low - $100-200 (US).

Monthly for a while (at least 1-2 years).

I have used Transferwise for 4 digit transactions in the past from the UK to the USA. No complaints.

Another option is to use cryptocurrency to make the transfer, although this is of higher risk and I would want to pick a cryptocurrency that maintains its value during the time of the transfer and has low transfer fees.

Anyone try the latter approach?

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I’d rather mail the person I’m transferring money to a scwhab ATM card and deposit $200 a month into the account. They can go to their bank atm and take out the money.